Students to Depart for Europe June 20

Sophia Kummers, Staff Writer

Notre Dame students get the opportunity to travel across the world this summer for the tour arranged by French teacher, Madame Natalia Geyer.

This summer in June a group of twenty eight kids will be traveling to places like Barcelona, Rome, Tuscany, and Southern France.

The trip begins June 20  when the group will fly out of Chicago and travel to Amsterdam and then to Barcelona which is the first stop on the trip.

In Barcelona the group will see things like the Barcelona Cathedral which is one of the most impressive cathedrals in Spain. They will also see the Placa de Catalunya which is the center of Barcelona. This features fountains, gardens, sculptures, and the Mountain of Montjuic which was where the 1992 Olympic Games were held.

The next stop on the trip is Costa Brava which is known for their famous beaches. The group will spend time in Catalunya Costa Brava, one of the loveliest Roman villages on the coast.

While in Costa Brava the group will also visit Carcassonne which is a medieval walled city that has been almost untouched since the end of the Middle Ages.They will visit the Chateau Comtal where they will explore the towers and galleries of the of the fortress at the top of Carcassonne.

The group will then travel to the resort town of St. Tropez which epitomizes the beauty of the French Riviera following the village of Eze. Eze features 14th-century gates into medieval streets where the group will visit the famous Fragonard Perfume Factory.

The next day the group will travel to Monaco which is the world’s oldest monarchy. In Monaco they will take a tour of Palais du Prince which is the home of Monaco’s royal family.

The following day they will travel to Lucca where they will take a bike tour and see the beautiful sights of medieval walls and the scenic landscape. That afternoon they will visit one of the most impressive resort towns on the Tuscan Riviera with a magnificent seafront and the beautiful ocean.

“I’m most excited to be going to Rome this year,” said Madame Geyer, the Europe Trip Leader. This is the first year that the group will be going to Barcelona, Rome, Tuscany, and Southern France.

The last few days will be spent in Rome where the group will see the views of Tuscany and see the remains of the Roman Empire such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon, one of the grandest Roman monuments. On the last day the group will tour the Vatican Museums and see some of the world’s most impressive collections of art.

Travelling back home, the group will have a layover in Paris before travelling back to the Chicago airport and then back home to Green Bay on July 3.