Cabaret Night, a Rollicking Success

Char Dunlop

Danielle Lippert, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Last Saturday, March 28, was Notre Dame’s Cabaret Night or the night that is dedicated to the fine arts at Notre Dame.

The night went very well and was a huge success. Friends, families and students were throughout the Commons, auditorium and library enjoying music, dancing and many other acts.

My favorite acts would have to be the singing ones. There are many amazing singers here at Notre Dame that we didn’t even know about. Katie and Paul Gapinski sang “Thinking Out Loud,” and I was amazed. I didn’t know either of them could sing that well!

My other favorite would have to be Colton Lippert, although I am probably being biased on this one. I heard many compliments after his performance, a slowed-down cover of “Mr. Brightside.”

My favorite singing act over all would have to be Mary Zakowski and Sarah Zarvan singing “Sugar.” Mary and Sarah definitely left me speechless.

Mr.Chris Gray and some others did Native American drumming that was very neat seeing in person. It did get a little long, but was still very cool to see.

The night ended with a few different acts in the auditorium. Ms.Kim Simon did a lyrical dance to “Say Something,” and before Cabaret Night, I didn’t know Ms.Simon could dance. Finally, Mr.Mallien’s class closed the night off with some humor. Definitely an unforgettable act.

Overall, Cabaret Night went very well. From new talents to old talents, everyone did an amazing job. Although it was impossible to see every act, I still had an amazing time and saw many amazing acts. This was my first Cabaret Night, and I will definitely be going next year.

Good job to everyone who performed and helped out with this unforgettable night!