DVDs of Mr. NDA Appreciated, Still Available at Atrium Desk

Elizabeth Bolin, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

If you or someone you know unfortunately missed Notre Dame Academy’s 2016 Mr. NDA show, you’re in luck.

Senior Christian Zimonick labored many hours over the footage filmed at the show and produced a professional-level DVD, complete with every exciting moment, so you are sure to miss nothing.

“I didn’t get to go, but I watched the video with some of my friends, and I finally understand what everyone was talking about,” said freshman Chloe Capomaccio. “I really loved seeing how all the boys’ different personalities showed through in their acts, and it’s so cool that a DVD was made for the people who couldn’t make it.”

“I thought the video was really well done,” Grace Balison, another freshman, said. “With so many different camera angles you could watch the show from different perspectives.”

Emily Burgess agrees with Balison. “My seat was pretty far away, and the video let me have a better up-close look at all of the acts. I also thought it was nice that the boys’ videos were incorporated smoothly into the DVD because I had a hard time seeing them clearly from my spot.”

“I was so happy to hear a video was being made,” said Abby Meyer, a freshman and escort in the show. “Since I was backstage for the first half of the show, I was a little disappointed to not get to see everyone’s opening that they worked so hard on. The entire show was also sort of a blur to me, and I have been looking forward to seeing the details I might have missed, and getting to remember such a fun night!”

“One thing the contestants all learned is how much work the tech crew has to do to make Mr. NDA the show it has become,” said Mrs. Brown, one of the coordinators of the event. “That same kind of time-consuming work has to go into making the DVD of the show. We all appreciate Christian for his hard work both at the show and afterwards in doing all the editing that’s required for the DVD. It takes hours and hours that we all will appreciate for years.”

The DVD took a long three months to perfect, but everyone has to agree it is a memorable keepsake of the show. Zimonick was generous enough to gift all the contestants a free copy, but there are plenty available for students to purchase at the atrium desk for just five dollars.

“Take my advice,” Meyer recommended, “it’s a great purchase.”