Cast of 53 Announced for High School Musical

Danielle Lippert, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Auditions for High School Musical the Musical were the talk of the school last week.  After callbacks on Monday,  co-directors Andrea Gilson and Christine Salerno announced the cast.

Fifty-three of the 83 students that auditioned made the cast of the musical with Ella Hunt playing Gabriella Montez and Ben Richards as Troy Bolton.

English teacher Gilson, who performed in musicals during her own days at NDA, became the new acting director when the school decided to go with a director on the staff. Salerno, the choir director at Notre Dame, approached Gilson about the opportunity to become the director.

“I have wanted to direct the musical since I was young,” said Gilson, who also teaches Public Performance and advises the Drama Club.. “My experience directing the spring play last year was so rewarding.”

The musical version of the popular Disney original movie is different from the movie itself, but it still features everyone’s favorite songs like “Stick to the Status Quo,” “We’re All in This Together” and many more. The musical also has a few new and different songs like “I Can’t Take my Eyes off of You” and “Counting on You.”

“While I adore the movie, I feel that the musical is even better,” said Gilson. There are also additional parts in the musical that aren’t in the movie like Jack Scott, the radio announcer.

High School Musical resonates with the young and old.  It has a strong message about individuality and how perception often clouds our judgement.  Mrs. Salerno and I wanted a musical that would contain numerous leads,  have more intricate choreography, and also bring in a large audience,” said Gilson.

The cast list was released on Tuesday, November 1, the day after callbacks.

“It was more difficult and stressful than I ever imagined.   Every single student that auditioned was prepared and motivated.  I was beyond impressed with the talent.  Mrs. Salerno and I deliberated for hours in casting the various roles, and we are looking forward to working with the cast,” said Gilson.

Although not everyone who auditioned made the cast, Gilson encourages them to sign up for stage crew and audition for the spring play.

The musical will be performed in the Notre Dame auditorium from January 26 through January 29.  Mr. William Hill, band director, will direct the pit orchestra.

                            High School Musical ENTIRE CAST

Maya AbuJamra, Wildcat Cheerleader, Understudy for Ms. Darbus

John Allen, Basketball Player

Olivia Allen, Skater

Liz Bolin, Wildcat Cheerleader

Lilly Brada, Wildcat Cheerleader, Understudy for Martha

Rebekah Boucher, Brainiac

Ben Cao, Basketball Player

Katie Coyle, Alana/Thespian, Brainiac

Micah Dennis, Brainiac

Barrett Desotell, Basketball Player

Ali DeWilde, Brainiac

Katrina Dietsche, Ms. Darbus

Lexi Fitzgerald, Wildcat Cheerleader

Katie Gapinski, Jane/Thespian, Brainiac, Understudy for Taylor

Paul Gapinski, Ryan Evans

Madelyn Glosny, Brainiac

Hailey Gutowski, Taylor McKessie

Marybeth Healy, Skater

Marion Hermitanio, Kelsi Neilson

Elizabeth Hoeppner, Skater

Kelly Hogan, Ms. Tenny, Brainiac

Ella Hunt, Gabriella Montez

Tessa Jadin, Skater

Anthony Jaslowski, Skater

Benjamin Lelinski, Basketball Player, Understudy for Zeke

Emily Lelinski, Skater

Abby Meyer, Cathy/Thespian, Wildcat Cheerleader, Understudy for Sharpay 

Jack Mickelson, Coach Bolton

Janine Moreno, Wildcat Cheerleader

Max Pallini, Basketball Player

Charles Peterson, Brainiac

Ben Richards, Troy Bolton

Katie Romes, Sharpay Evans

Emily Seidl, Susan/Thespian, Brainiac, Understudy for Kelsi

Rachel Sladky, Wildcat Cheerleader

Monica Sosa-Hernandez, Skater

Danny Stewart, Basketball Player

Ireland Sweeney, Karaoke Host, Wildcat Cheerleader

Tommy Tressler, Basketball Player

Charlie Urick, Chad Danforth

Hannah Vanden Heuvel, Cyndra/Thespian, Brainiac

Jake VanderLeest, Zeke Baylor, Understudy for Troy

Paige Van Pelt, Skater

Mattea Vecera, Skater

Alex Waskilkhoff, Ripper, Brainiac, Understudy for Ryan

Eric Weycker, Jason, Basketball Player, Understudy for Chad

Claire Weydt, Skater

Annabelle Whatley, Skater

Grace Wheeler, Skater   

Melissa Wilke, Wildcat Cheerleader

Kyle Yurek, Jack Scott

Anabelle Xiong, Martha Cox

Mary Zakowski, Wildcat Cheerleader

Sarah Zarvan, Wildcat Cheerleader, Understudy for Gabriella

Andrew Zipp, Basketball Player, Mongo