NDA Students Start Concert Series: Live in the 920

Ava Vanden Corput, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Everyone knows Charlie Urick as the singing guy and Ben Hathaway as the guy who is usually working the lights or sound system.

However, they are also the NDA students who started the new concert series Live in the 920.

“It started when Ben Hathaway and I were joking in the hall one day about throwing a concert for our friends. Within the next few weeks the idea became more serious and pretty soon it was becoming a reality,” said Urick.

Live in the 920 is now alive and being marketed as a multi-genre concert series, meaning that they throw shows that run anywhere from rap to jazz.

Before the event could become a reality, it took a lot of work, planning and preparation.

Urick worked to scout out different artists by attending small performances by different individuals.

“In the weeks before the first event, I was up late contacting artists, making a setlist, creating an order, signing contracts, prepping the light crew and writing and preparing my music,” said Urick.

Urick also handles all of the planning and managing of the concert series, while Hathaway helps run logistics.

“Charlie and I enjoy the production process and work to make a great concert. However, it doesn’t seem like that much work because we have fun while doing it,” said Hathaway.

The first concert took place and generated about 130 patrons.

The artists that were involved were from all over Wisconsin, ranging from Manitowoc to Appleton to Milwaukee.

“It’s awesome to see local musicians come together and a have a good time,” said Hathaway.

The second concert took place on April 7, 2017, and generated almost 300 patrons.

“I thought the concert was great. It was a fun, safe way for young people to get together to enjoy local musicians. The atmosphere was so fun because everyone was having a nice time,” said Grace O’Malley, one of the attendees of the concert.

Overall, both events were a success, and both Urick and Hathaway hope to put on another concert at the end of June or beginning of July.

“I love doing this because I love being behind the stage as much as I love performing,” said Urick.

“I love working with Charlie on the Live in the 920. At the beginning of the year it seemed like a joke to us, and now it’s a reality. As Live in the 920 gets more recognition, we will continue to make bigger shows including artists of all genres. It’s really cool that Charlie and I can produce our own shows and watch people enjoy them,” said Hathaway.

“We are more than just a concert series, we also promote artists, sell merchandise and give emerging artists a place to express themselves and showcase their music,” said Urick.

You can follow Live in the 920 on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, all under the name @liveinthe920.