Drama Club a Mix of Theater Games, Personalities, Fun

Gina Refardt, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

“It was really fun for me because I could just be him. And that helped my confidence, that I could do something like this,” said Nadine Druar, a senior at Notre Dame Academy.

She joined the Drama Club her freshman year, and four years later she is still involved in it. But of course, she is not the only one.

A lot of students are joining the Drama Club every year.

“The Drama Club is not only for students who are involved in theatre; it is open for all students,” explained Andrea Gilson. She is an English teacher at Notre Dame but also involved in the Club.

“The Club organizes theatre games and activity games,” she said.

Of course, the Club is focused on the spring play but that is not the only reason why students like to join the Club.

“It gives them a chance to meet a diverse group of individuals and to put themselves out there,” Gilson said.

All club members meet every month to discuss about the spring play.

“You need people who are good actors but they also have to be focused and committed,” Druar explained.

For the reason that musicals are not rare in the Drama Club, you need a lot of people with different properties.

“There are so many more people in a musical. I feel like you don’t get as tight with them,” Druar commented.

But whether it is a play or a musical, it is fun to prepare it and it also helps students.

“I strongly believe that public speaking really forces students to think outside of the box and communication skills are important, not only in school but for the workforce as well,” Gilson said.