Musical Cast Announced, Ready to Start Rehearsals


Clare Ravizza, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The cast list for NDA’s winter musical, The Addams Family, includes experienced, veteran performers as well as those new to the school’s musical program. The show will be co-directed by Mrs. Andrea Gilson and Mrs. Christine Salerno and choreographed by Mrs. Kim Flinchum.

Principal cast members, composing the Addams family, are Eric Weycker as Gomez Addams, Abby Meyer as Morticia Addams, Emily Seidl as Wednesday Addams, Rebekah Boucher as Pugsley Addams, Ben Lelinski as Fester Addams, Maya AbuJamra as Grandma Addams and George Hartmann as Lurch. The Beineke family is composed of Alice (Janine Moreno), Mal (Jacob Vanderleest), and Lucas (Paul Gapinski).

The rest of the cast, the Addams’ family ancestors, include Katie Romes, Marion Hermitanio, Mattea Vecera, Charles Peterson, Elizabeth Hoeppner, Katie Coyle, Tommy Tressler, Hannah Vanden Heuvel, Monica Sosa-Hernandez, Madelyn Glosny and Tessa Jadin.

Gilson said she and Salerno were “beyond impressed by the large scope of talent” that arrived at auditions.

A total of 54 students auditioned and were narrowed down to the 32 “talented and motivated” individuals cast, according to Gilson.  She is excited that they will do justice to their parts.

“The first read-through was incredible and further clarified our casting decisions,” explained Gilson. “Students came to the read-through well-prepared and completely ready to embrace their characters. I could tell they did research on their characters prior to the first rehearsal.”

“I think that [the cast has] the potential to make this an amazing show,” said Flinchum.

Senior cast member Hermitanio echoed Flinchum’s thoughts: “I can already tell that this group of people has so much talent. Mrs. Gilson and Mrs. Salerno did a great job with the casting, and I have so much faith in our principal roles this year.”

This year’s show features a much smaller cast than last year’s High School Musical, but senior Hermitanio thinks that’s for the best.

“A smaller cast ensures that everyone really deserves to be there. It also creates a tighter friendship between everyone in the show,” added Hermitanio. “Everyone will be really dedicated, too.”

In addition to a much smaller cast size, “the music is less pop-oriented, and there are fewer musical numbers” than last year’s musical, said Salerno.

According to Flinchum, the choreography will also be very different than that of High School Musical.

“Last year High School Musical was very pop, almost hip-hop even at times,” explained Flinchum. “The Addams Family is very Broadway in style–big, dramatic motions that are almost overly exaggerated at times.”

The cast and all those involved are excited for the process ahead.

“The musical is really fun and the music has a Spanish influence because of The Gomez family,” said Salerno.

Hermitanio agreed, “The choreography, music, costumes and makeup will make this a memorable show for my senior year.”