Mina Goes to New York City!

Mina Refardt, Staff Writer, Journalism I

One of the most famous cities in the world is New York City. It is the city where all your dreams come true and everybody wants to go someday.

I had the opportunity twice this year. First, when I started my exchange year in August with other international students from Germany and then again in December. I got to see this amazing city at Christmas time, and I met so many people from around the world.

One of the special events took place the day we arrived in New York. We got the chance to see the Broadway show ‘Wicked,’ which was an amazing experience.

The next day we visited all the famous sights like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Grand Central Station and, of course, the big Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center.

It was an amazing experience even though I have been to these places before.

But the most important and most exciting thing along this trip was to meet all the people. I made so many new friends and it is an incredible feeling to know that you have friends in so many different countries in the world.

One thing that bothered me though was that we did not get a lot of sleep during the four days. We left the hotel around 7 a.m. and came back at midnight. Furthermore, we had not much time at some sights to take pictures or just enjoy it. I think, they could have planned that better.

All in all, it was an amazing trip, and I am glad I chose Wisconsin as my state for my exchange year because this was a trip only for international students in Wisconsin.