Tritones Entertain Huge Crowd at Blue Opus


Tyler Bergner, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The NDA Tritones performed a wide range of group songs and individual pieces before a packed house at the Blue Opus on Thursday, Feb. 22.

Many soloists prepared a solo piece just for the cabaret experience at the restaurant owned by former NDA teachers Bill Hill and Steve Havlichek.  They will also perform at the Solo and Ensemble Contest at Preble High School this weekend.

Tritones, which focuses on jazz music, is open to anyone that wants to join–whether they are musically trained or have never looked at a piece of music.

“There are open auditions in the beginning of the year.  The audition process isn’t very difficult.  The individual and myself work together on scatting and other pieces to let them get a grasp of what this group is about,” said Mrs. Christine Salerno, who directs the Tritones.

The group is composed of both men and women.  Currently there are two males and 11 women, ranging from sophomores to seniors.

The Tritones practice Monday and Wednesday at 6:45 a.m. in the auditorium.

While performing at multiple local locations and venues, one annual performance is the Jazz Festival in Wausau,  an all-day event that allows the group to perform for judges who give feedback.

Following the Tritones’ performance at the Blue Opus, Steve Johnson’s jazz musicians took the stage and wowed the audience.