Fall Fest Dance Details: What to Do, What to Wear, Where to Eat

James Bosco, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

What to wear

Fall Fest is a semi-formal dance, which means dress shoes, dress pants, and a nice shirt are required for boys, and girls typically wear formal dresses that end around the knee. Dressing up for Fall Fest is a fun time; however some precautionary measures should be taken. Everyone should bring comfortable shoes to dance in, whether they are flip-flops or sneakers. This year’s Fall Fest dance will be featuring JD>DJ, who is promising a spectacular, concert-type show of visual effects, smoke machines and an unbelievable sound system…so dancing is not an option.  It’s a requirement!

Where to eat

The location of your dinner may be limited by your budget. Places such as Angelina’s, Green Bay Country Club, Plae Bistro, A’ Bravo and Bleu, are good options for those with a bigger dinner budget. However, if you are looking for a less expensive restaurant where you and your friends are guaranteed to have a good time, you could try restaurants like Tucson’s, Red Lobster, Olive Garden or Hu Hot. Critical, though, is making reservations.  Otherwise, you might miss a lot of dance time.

Where to take pictures

There are a variety of options for pictures this time of year, depending on your preferences.  For example, if you want an urban environment or a nature/fall color scheme, that will determine your location. For a more urban environment you could go downtown and use classic brick buildings and the riverfront area as a backdrop for your special night. Another common location chosen are the steps of Lambeau Field, one of Green Bay’s most popular sights for tourists and locals alike. However, if nature is more your speed, you could take advantage of the beautiful fall colors at Pamperin Park.

What transportation

Transportation is a necessity for your night to go off without a hitch. If you are an underclassman, this means you will need to arrange with an older friend or a parent to give you a ride. This means scheduling dinner and pick up times to arrive at the dance on time. However, if you are an upperclassman, you can rely on your date to give you a ride. This is much more convenient because you can come and go as you please, and dinner does not have to be a rush. If you are going single-pringle, you may find carpooling with friends the best option for you. Going with friends is always fun and enjoyable. No pressure.

Who to go with

Having a date to Fall Fest is NOT mandatory. Going with friends, or going stag, is always an option. However, taking a date is also okay. Regardless of whether you are single for the night, or have a date, the main goal of the evening is to enjoy yourself and make memories.

Why you should go

Going to the dance can take a lot of preparation; however, it is always worth it to go have fun with your friends and socialize rather than sitting on the sidelines. High school is a short time in your life, and you are only here once, so you should try to make the most of moments like these to enjoy yourself and spend time with friends.