Jessie Adams is NDA’s Spiderman!


Who is NDA’s Spiderman?  Email your answer to [email protected]    All correct answers will go into a drawing for a pan of Mrs. Brown’s brownies.  Contest ends November 1 when we will reveal the superhero’s identity.

Questions for Spiderman

Where and when are we most likely to find you at NDA?
  • “Working and upkeeping all aspects of the building in the afternoon”
How long have you been at NDA?
  • “7 months”
What is the best part of your day at NDA?
  • “My favorite part of the day is when I get to chat with the friendly staff that I get to serve with my God-given abilities.”
What makes Halloween so memorable to you?
  • “I get to go all out with a theme with my wife and kids.”