Mr. NDA Ben Lelinski Hopes to Be Here, to Crown Successor


Maddie Jaloszynski, Staff Writer, Journalism I

Benjamin Lelinski, Mr. NDA XXII, described the popular contest as “a time to do something with my buddies that we had all talked about since middle school.”

Lelinski gave it his all and beat out many other top competitors for the crown.

Lelinski described winning as a “ feeling like no other. It was a huge accomplishment for me.”

As for future contestants, Lelinski said, “Go out there and have fun, it’s something you will always remember, don’t try too hard, and have a good time.”

Lelinski didn’t hear about the change from Mr. NDA to Academy Awards until recently.

“It’s a different idea, but I am excited to see how the show will be!” he said.

Lelinski plans to attend the show this year if he can get off work for the weekend.

After graduation from NDA, Lelinski headed off to college at University of Eau Claire, where he made it into the core nursing program. He plans to study EMT next semester along with nursing.

As for his military future, Lelinski plans to attempt reenlisting again in two years. He was deferred this year due to childhood asthma. Lelinski has now been cleared from it.

He wants to focus on school for awhile and then serve the country he loves.