Poems to “St. Paul,” the Mouse in the Hall

Poems to St. Paul, the Mouse in the Hall

Ms. Becky Bain & Mr. Cassidy McGowan, Guest Writers

A mouse in the hallway inspired two poems from two priory staff writers–Ms. Becky Bain and Mr. Cassidy McGowan.  Enjoy!!

‘Twas the month before Christmas when all through the halls,

Screams could be heard…no, it wasn’t a brawl

Ms. Fredrick was sprinting, Mrs. Van on her heels

“Look out, it’s a mouse!!” the students all pealed.


The confused little rodent went darting about

“Be careful, don’t kill it!” Ms. Bain said with a shout

Mr. McGowan and crowd, they followed the thing

As it cruised east, then banked left, down the Priory wing.


Then what to our wondering eyes did we see?

Flaggy with a broom as big as a tree

He wielded that staff like a pro without fear

And smashed to bits the poor little dear!


“It’s owl food now,” McGowan shrugged with a sigh

Bain shook her head and started to cry

Chins to the air, they went back to work

Before Mr. Browne could go berserk.

                                                     – – Becky Bain


‘Twas the month before Christmas

When all through the halls,

The source of the commotion

Sure it was small,

A girl was scared and started to bawl,

But then came Flaggy, the man on call

With a broom and a cape that looked like a shawl,

He swept up that mouse right into a trawl

And walked the little guy right down the hall,

The thing was no bigger than a little meatball

Before he went out we named him “Saint Paul.”

                                        – – Cassidy McGowan