Classic, Popular Christmas Movies & How to Find Them

James Bosco, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Believe it or not, we are quickly approaching the Christmas season. Along with the time of year comes the busyness of shopping, gathering with friends and family, and decorating.

One crucial part to the Christmas season, in my opinion, is Christmas movies. I asked a couple people about their favorite Christmas flicks.

Senior Jake Gryboski said that Elf and How the Grinch Stole Christmas were among his favorites because they are classics.

Mr. Cassidy McGowan also likes these popular movies, but for different reasons. He likes Elf because “it’s just so funny,” and Will Ferrell is a talented actor; he likes How the Grinch Stole Christmas because it “ reminds you of the power of Christmas and the fact that you can be full of the evil spirit, but turn your life around and be good.”

McGowan also stated that the short film, The Snowman, holds a special place in his heart. He loves watching it with his daughter.

For our third and final survey participant, senior Nick Koehler listed some of his favorite Christmas classics. Ranking at the top, A Charlie Brown Christmas is a favorite of Koehler’s for “nostalgic reasons.”

Although not a movie, Koehler enjoys watching his favorite Christmas episode of the TV show Community titled “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas.” He likes this special because it is “unique yet still maintains elements of classic Christmas film.” Koehler’s third and final entry is the Christmas classic White Christmas.

If you are interested in watching Christmas movies this holiday season, some great streaming options are Netflix and Hulu.

Netflix has several options, including the classics mentioned, How the Grinch Stole Christmas and White Christmas. However, if you are more interested in the performing arts, there is a recorded version of the ballet The Nutcracker available on Netflix as well.

Streaming options also include Hulu. Hulu has a variety of holiday movies. If you are a lover of Hallmark and Lifetime movies, Hulu is the streaming service for you. Although Hulu provides great independent movies, they provide more popular movies as well, such as Miracle on 34th Street.

If you are looking for a streaming service to watch holiday movies, I highly recommend Netflix over Hulu due to the greater number of popular movies.