Fuzz Predicts Winners, Previews Dodgeball Tournament


Ryan (Fuzz) French, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

While this may be more of an unconventional activity here at NDA, I figured it would be good to get a quick little preview of this year’s annual De La Baie Fest Dodgeball Tournament.

As an observer and player these last three years (and also the commissioner this year), I feel I have enough knowledge of the teams to come to a few conclusions.

Initially I will discuss the girls’ side of the bracket. This year’s favorite in my eyes will have to be the team that was made by a few of the softball team members.

Now these ladies play in a sport that requires them to throw fast and accurate.

This will be a huge advantage over other teams. However, they do have weaknesses.

Being the favorites, the pressure of winning may get inside the players’ heads.

My second pick to win is the team made by a few of the volleyball players from the 2018-19 season.

The team will excel in jumping and dodging as is needed in volleyball. However, their main weakness will be throwing. Some have played basketball, like Sammy Ophichka, but most have not.

The volleyball girls are used to spiking and batting down balls but not throwing full-on rockets at the other team. I predict they will lose in the championship game.

So, for the rest I believe the bracket will play out as follows: third place will be Ella Tristani’s crew of senior girls, fourth will be Kayla Hawley and the distance runners, fifth will be Caragan Olles’ team, and in last will be the freshman crew captained by Amanda Limoni.

For the boys’ bracket I believe the crown will be taken by Cole Whatley and the Dirty Dodgers crew.

The Dodgers have already won one championship and made a trip to the final last year. The team has all the tools and knowledge to win another tournament championship.

However, a weakness of theirs is over-confidence and carelessness. The team gets reckless and over-aggressive during the game. They will charge the line and risk eliminations in order to cause some by themselves. They are a FULL ON ATTACK team.

My second pick to win the tourney and claim dodgeball glory is the other senior team that includes Ryan Martin, Nick Koehler, Johnny Ehlinger and Ethan Motquin.

This team has struggled in the past but their experience and partial maturity can hopefully give them an edge over the teams on their side of the bracket.

Other teams I predict to place as follows: Jack Kress and his merry band of juniors taking third place, Evan Skaletski’s team in fourth, Will Ernst team in fifth, Isaiah Hennessey’s team in sixth, and then Erick Sacks team, Megan Kurowski’s and Garrett Watzka’s team all finishing in the bottom of the bracket.

All in all, it should be a fun and very entertaining year as it always is. Reffing this year’s games will be Mr. Winkler, Mr. Bobinski, Mr. Greisen, Mr. Giovanetti and Mr. Chris Nowak. All of these refs have experience with the dodgeball tourney and will be able to handle the high emotion that is typically displayed on the court.

Even if a team does not get the coveted gold ball, they can still win two other awards, one being best team name and the other best uniforms.

Good luck to all teams and we hope to see a lot of spectators at the games!