Movie Review: UNPLANNED Beyond What She Expected

Movie Review: UNPLANNED Beyond What She Expected

Maddie Jaloszyinski, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The newly released movie Unplanned was brought to my attention by Campus Minister Daniel Kriegl. He mentioned that it would be a must-see movie. I trusted his judgement, so I went. I wasn’t expecting to cry as much as I did.

I’m not that educated about the whole topic of abortion, but I have some general knowledge. I wasn’t expecting the movie to be as detailed as it was. I saw a “real” abortion or what the movie portrays as one. The sight of that is burned in my brain for the rest of life. It is an awful, pain-wrenching, emotional experience, and I watched more than a hundred girls abort their children.

Outside of what happens in Planned Parenthood, there is a group of people called 40 Days of Life, who are against abortion. Whenever a woman arrives in the parking lot of the clinic, they try to change the woman’s decision before she walks through those doors and does something she can’t ever take back.

The main character, Abby Johnson, started out as a volunteer for the clinic and quickly worked her way up to the clinic manager. Previous to Planned Parenthood, Abby was just a college student studying psychology. She moved into her own place and met someone. She found herself pregnant shortly after.

The man Abby was with said, “We’ll take care of this. We can go to a clinic.” My heart sunk to the bottom of stomach as the words left his mouth.

The words “We’ll take care of this” and take away a child from ever breathing fresh air, walking, or having a birthday disturbed me. He didn’t care about her at all, and it wasn’t until  after they got married that Abby realized this. He cheated on her, and Abby divorced him the next day.

However, Abby found herself pregnant for the second time just weeks after the divorce was final. Again, she had another abortion, but this one was different. This one caused eight weeks of pain. It was non-stop pain, and Abby couldn’t escape it.

Abby stayed with Planned Parent for eight years. Throughout all the bad that happens inside Planned Parenthood, outside, Abby got remarried and started a family. It wasn’t until Abby witnessed her first abortion that she broke down. That day she decided she wanted out. She couldn’t do it anymore, so she left and turned to 40 Days of Life. They saved her.

Planned Parenthood filled to sue both Abby and 40 Days of Life. They helped her stand against Planned Parenthood in court with the best lawyer in town.

The end of the movie was in my opinion the most powerful part of the movie. The gates to Planned Parenthood and hundreds of people surrounded them as the sign was demolished. The 40 Days of Life group prayed a lot over these gates. They had all of the women who had ever had an abortion tie a rose to the gates. Abby tied two herself, a red one for her baby girl and a white one for her baby boy that she never got to meet.

Unplanned is a very powerful movie that truly captures the horrible sights that happen behind Planned Parenthood doors.