Brabazon and Healy Win Vocal Scholarships at Jazz Festival

Adison Karbon, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Ysabella Brabazon, a junior, and Marybeth Healy, a senior, each won a $500 scholarship to UW-Marathon.

On the day of the festival we skip school to head to UW Marathon County to watch vocal jazz groups from around the country perform and we perform ourselves,” said Brabazon. “They always have a well known group come in to give feedback and a clinic to each group and their soloists. This year it was a well-known acapella group from Los Angeles called M-pact.”

The aspiring jazz students got to ask them questions while group members taught techniques in vocal jazz.

Later on in the evening, they put on a concert for the groups of students and the general public.

Each group picks a soloist or two to perform for the clinicians for “advice and growth.”

At the end of the night, the clinicians pick their “Outstanding Vocalists,” who receive a scholarship to UW-Marathon.

Brabazon was very grateful for the experience and opportunity but plans to attend Belmont University to pursue a degree in Commercial Music Performance, Music Business, or Song-Writing.

“The girls worked very hard before attending the Festival,” said Mrs. Christine Salerno, the vocal teacher, “They had several lessons with me and worked hard individually on their songs, ‘Detour Ahead’ for Bella and ‘This Masquerade’ for Marybeth.”

Salerno said their accomplishments are a great honor and she is sure the girls are thrilled with this recognition.