Bella Brabazon Auditions for American Idol

Maxwell Timmer, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Senior Bella Brabazon, a member of the Tritones and participant in the NDA musical, recently auditioned for American Idol.

“I went last week to Detroit, Michigan, for an audition into American Idol,” explained Brabazon. 

Brabazon also auditioned her sophomore year for American Idol.

She recently received an exclusive call back audition from the Emmy-nominated show The Voice after recruiters watched her national anthem video at the Green Bay Phoenix basketball game.

“I had a call back for The Voice this summer. They saw my national anthem and asked me to come to a secret location and see if I would be a good fit for the show,” she explained. 

After this audition she decided to return to American Idol because, “I just realized that [The Voice]  wasn’t my type of show and I grew up watching American Idol and always dreamed of auditioning.”

For this audition, groups of performers take turns singing for judges (not the actual show judges) and if you are selected to continue, the singer sings again individually in front of judges and has an interview with them about their story.

As important as singing is in making it into the show, having a good story to sell is crucial for getting in as well.

Brabazon also spent the summer at a Belmont summer camp for singing. This was a week-long intensive session that brings in professionals to work with the campers on improving their voice and making connections in the music industry. 

Another component of the camp is singing in a choir and then moving into smaller auditioned ensembles as the week progresses. They also have a competitive honor recital held at the end of the week.

“We sing solos to try to get one of the top five spots in the honors recital,” Brabazon said.

After high school, Brabazon hopes to continue commercial music performance and study music business at Belmont University in Nashville. 

Brabazon is currently working on her own music with a Grammy-winning producer and continues to work harder to make her dream a reality.