Door Decorating Contest Brings Christmas Season to Halls of NDA

Staff Writer, Adviser

FYI: The winning door, based on student and staff voting, was the Main Office door that featured Rudolph and a reindeer crossing.

For the first time (at least since 1996) NDA classroom doors took on the look of elementary and middle school doors.

Thanks to the efforts of Bryan Konshak, math teacher, and Katie Bialk, student services, teachers were challenged to decorate their classroom doors for a door-decorating contest.

The winner, decided by student vote, will receive a $25 gift card.

The contest took off when Frau Laaksonen set a high bar with her Baby Yoda door decor and Doug Guyette, math teacher, initiated a Facebook parade of comments by adorning his door in five minutes with an inverted UW-GB pennant and construction paper.

Thanks to Mrs. Lisa Schmidt’s photo snaps, we have many of the decorated doors for reader perusal.

Stay tuned to learn the winner!