Cast & Crew of Spring Play Still Practicing, Hoping to Perform

Skylar Schultz, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

The current mandate of ‘Safe at Home’ is affecting our lives and plans in ways unprecedented for many members of the NDA community. 

While cancellations and quarantines abound, one special NDA event still has its hopes up. Actors and crew alike are still working on the Spring Play production of Don’t Drink the Water, finding ways to maneuver the restrictions and create a show, despite concerns about even the possibility of its performance.

When reflecting on the initial news of NDA’s lockdown, Sra. Crystal Dory, director, said she “was pretty calm actually.” Notre Dame was one of the first area schools to move online, and at the moment the email was sent, the extent of the shutdown was really unknown to the general public.

“It didn’t bother me too much because it was only until the end of March,” said Dory. “At that time it wasn’t that big of a deal. Everything seemed like it would still move forward.”

However, as more and more of the city, the state and the country shut down, the prospects for the play have grown dimmer. 

According to the latest NDA News and Information update, “The earliest we will be together is late April.” This poses a clear interruption to the production’s planned performances, with opening night on April 30th.

Still, the cast is flexible and in a relatively good position to work at home.

“The blocking for the entire show was done before spring break, so the actors know their entrances and exits and stage blocking,” explained Dory. “The set is a rented backdrop which is on hold for now. “

“This show is still very much a possibility. With no set build, it makes it that much easier to come together in a limited amount of time,” she elaborated. “The production of Clue last year was so massive it would be almost impossible to pull off today. However, Don’t Drink the Water has a rented backdrop and furniture on sight at NDA.  I also have an AMAZING backstage crew, so the set could be done in a day!”

With the physical aspects of the show of minimal concern, Mrs. Dory is free to focus more on the cast members’ preparation. 

“I am in communication daily with many cast members and weekly with all of them. We rehearse daily from 3 pm-4 pm on Zoom, an online group meeting platform similar to Google Meet,” she explained. “It’s great to connect with students and check in. The cast has been amazing with the transition. They are enthusiastic and so talented!”

Still, no matter how prepared they are, the show cannot go on if they have no stage to perform it on.

“There is a lot of unknown right now,” said Dory. “I very much see it being delayed, but I’m still keeping hope alive to perform it for an audience. The show is so entertaining and funny, and I think we could all use some laughs in the coming day and weeks.”

No matter the uncertainty or struggles that the outside world may throw at them, the cast and crew of Don’t Drink the Water are still able to look inward at the talented team around them for support and enthusiasm. 

“I can’t say enough good things about the cast and how funny they are.  I am thankful to be working with such gifted students,” Dory reiterated. “If anyone could pull this off, my bets are on all of them.”