The Beauty of Wrinkles, the Blessing of Aging

Ysabella Brabazon, Guest Writer, Creative Writing

Creative Writing Prompt:  Describe something usually considered ugly as beautiful.

Everyday on TV we see commercials about how to hide signs of aging or fix them because  society deems them not as attractive as before.What if we viewed these inevitable marks of age as something beautiful or maybe even something we strive for in life?

Take wrinkles for example.

These deep set lines each tell a story. The furrowed lines tell the story of each time we questioned something for the purpose of deeper knowledge or the times that we took a stand to injustice in our lives. These are the goals we’ve met, the change we’ve set in motion, and the battles we’ve won. The crow feet lines are a reminder of every smile and laugh shared with friends and family. They hold memories that last a lifetime. When we look in the mirror we are reminded of the happiest moments of our life. Our frown lines show our strength. They show every hard obstacle we had to overcome in our lives and many of these obstacles give us wisdom beyond belief. Grey/loss of hair is the result of the hard work and determination it takes for parents to raise productive citizens of society and provide for them throughout their lives. Every wrinkle on our body shows the amount of wisdom we have procured and is a sign of respect that should be paid.

Age is not an issue to be dealt with but rather an achievement to be celebrated. We as a society should wear it with pride.