Dear Younger Me. . .

Isabelle VanDenMeerendonk, Creative Writing student

Letter to a Younger Me

The following “letter” was inspired by the Mercy Me song “Dear Younger Me.”  Isabelle VanDenMeerendonk’s response to this Creative Writing class assignment introduces a new section in our Online Tritonian, a Creative Arts Corner for student submissions.  

Dear Younger Me,

I’m proud of who you are,

I’m proud of who you became.


You have come so far,

Do not give up now.


It is your life,

It is your decision.


When you are hurting,

Let go.

When things aren’t like before,

Move on.


If I could tell you how many times you should have said

“I can do it” instead of “I can’t do it,”

Then you wouldn’t be

where you are now.


Even if people aren’t supportive

Of the situation you are in,

Do what makes you happy,

Not them.


Dear Younger Me,

I wish I could tell you what decisions you should have made,

But then you wouldn’t have experienced

what was right

And what was wrong.


Dear Younger Me,

God has a plan for you.

He wouldn’t give you the challenges you face,

If He knew you couldn’t handle them.

Everything happens for a reason.