Couples Who Should be Dating but Aren’t


Jack Halama, Guest Writer

We all see this around the halls of the academy. All of us have observed two people making fools of themselves as they attempt to flirt with each other without maintaining a couple status. Call it a “thing” or whatever you want, I’ve had enough of it. So, to anyone who is not dating but should be, I’m here to help. It’s time to turn these kinda couples into real couples! Let the games begin.


Couple 1: Grant Shilbauer and Lizzie Opichka

Despite a slight height difference, these two certainly have chemistry. This chemistry is evident between classes, at basketball practice and when they try to hang out with each other without anyone noticing. Yeah, we noticed.


Couple 2: Maddie Woodward and Sam Warpinski

Yeah, I went there. I don’t think this relationship requires much explanation. I mean by the time this is published, they might already be back together. But in any case, please date so you can spare all of us your drama.


Couple 3: Isabel Kellner and Chris Kapic

In addition to boasting a stunning combined 10.0 GPA, this couple is thankfully attending the Winter Dance together, a positive step in their blossoming relationship. Both are intellectual, bright and kind individuals, and I think we could all see these two forming a new power couple.


Couple 4: Tyas Sydney and Bailei Anders

These two are well connected through many events that transpired during the fall. Perhaps the main reason they have not dated is because of the major grade difference. But plenty of Senior/Freshman relationships occur, and something tells me these two could make it work.


Single 1: Jack Halama

There is nothing I would love more than to match myself to some pretty girl too. There is one problem. These couples listed above have a connection that I don’t. I figure there is no better place to make a connection than right here and right now with the entire Academy reading. If you like sushi, traveling, and stargazing on warm, summer nights, you may just be someone like me. And if you’re going to the dance Saturday and are lonely, bored or have a horrible date, let’s have a dance. If you are someone like me, I’ll see you at the dance on Saturday night.