Rebecca DeBoer and Paul Gapinski


How long have you been dating?

R:  “Four months.”

P:  “About 4 months.”


What is your favorite attribute about your significant other?

R:  “His enormous amount of love for his family, friends, and everyone he meets. He has such a big heart and never fails to make me smile!”

P:  “She’s ticklish everywhere, and she doesn’t like it at all.”


What is your favorite memory with your significant other?
R:  “Going over to his house the day after Thanksgiving and spending the day with his family. I got to hold the nephews and see Paul slay in his Bob Ross t-shirt, so it was a good day.”

P:  “Ice Skating at Titletown was an amazing experience, mostly because she can’t ice skate to save her life.”


What is the key to a successful relationship?
R: “Hugs and humor because nothing says I still care about you like a hug after a really bad joke.”

P:  “Always tell her those two simple words: ‘I’m sorry!’”


What is your favorite thing to do with your significant other?

R:  “Quote vines, watch Netflix, and annoy Mr. Kriegl. It’s the simple things.”

P:  “I really like staying in and watching American Vandal.”


Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day?
R:  “Order 416 chicken nuggets from McDonald’s and poppin’ on the Netflix. And maybe if I ask Dory for permission, I might be able to hold Paul’s hand!”

P:  “I’ll probably take her to McDonalds or something.”


What’s your biggest pet peeve about your significant other?
R:  “When he doesn’t find my jokes as funny as I do. Like, what the heck, I’m so funny.”

P:  “She laughs at her own dad jokes, but it’s still cute.”