Winter Turnabout — Where to Eat Before

Winter Turnabout -- Where to Eat Before

Clare Ravizza, Advanced Journalism

Deciding where you and your date or dance-going group will plan to enjoy your pre-Winter Turnabout dinner is a requisite for all NDA dances (aside from Academy Ball). This is a tricky task, as it usually involves reservations and selecting a restaurant that’s agreeable to diverse palates. Here are a few recommendations to make the decisions a bit easier:



This cozy, delicious Italian restaurant is one of my absolute favorites in Green Bay. The divine meals are authentic to their country of origin in that they are far from “fast food,” especially if you begin with antipasti, so budget enough time for you to enjoy your meal before the dance doors close. Since the restaurant is on the smaller side, Angelina is ideal for smaller groups.



If you’re planning to take pictures beforehand at Lambeau Field, then the new Hinterland location–directly across the street from the iconic stadium–is the perfect spot for dinner. If you finish your contemporary American meal early, you can take a loop around the ice rink, or, if you’re very adventurous, a ride down the tubing hill.


Koko Sushi

For sushi fans, Koko’s is the place, the only place. Located in downtown Green Bay, this restaurant is definitely the most high-end of the local sushi establishments. Bonus: photo ops with the big, indoor tree.



Though a bit of a drive from the dance location at NDA, this Suamico-based pizzeria is worth it (just budget your time accordingly). This restaurant is always a crowd-pleaser because who doesn’t like brick oven-baked pizza? And for the few for whom pizza doesn’t cut it, Rustique also offers an array of tapas.