Josie Bieker and Charles Peterson

Josie Bieker and Charles Peterson

How long have you been dating?

J: “Eight months.”

C: “Eight months.”


What is your favorite attribute about your significant other?

J:  “How caring and understanding he is.”

C: “How caring she is and how happy she makes me.”

What is your favorite memory with your significant other?
J:  “When he finally mustered up the courage to ask me on out for a first date on the last day of school after finals. Although a little shaky and awkward, it took a lot of bravery and we obviously wouldn’t be here without it. Of course I said yes.”

C: “My favorite memory would have to be trying to walk on the Fox River Trail when it was down pouring.”


What is the key to a successful relationship?
J:  “No matter how cliche, communication. You need to be able to know and trust one another. It doesn’t have to be all at once but from the beginning there has to be a level of transparency and honesty.”

C: “Being honest with each other and always being there for each other no matter what.”


What is your favorite thing to do with your significant other?

J:  “Walks. Summers are always fun to find the best parks, reserves, or overall just places to explore and spend the day walking and talking about whatever might come to mind.”

C: “Either watching movies or going on hikes.”


Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day?
J:  “Not yet but maybe.  Always tend to wing things and plan day by day because of extremely busy schedules.”

C: “No, not yet, but I’m working on it.”


What’s your biggest pet peeve about your significant other?
J: “Either when he pretends to be okay when something is obviously not, or apologizing for everything, most of the time when there’s not any reason to apologize.”

C: “When she says that she isn’t smart or talented because she is definitely very smart and very talented.”