Emily Johnson and Max Pallini


How long have you been dating?

E: “He hasn’t asked me out yet.”

M: “I wasn’t planning on asking her out.”


What is your favorite attribute about your significant other?

E: “His laugh.”

M: “She does my homework for me.”


What is your favorite memory with your significant other?

E: “Paddle boarding at his cottage.”
M: “Post-dance car ride jamming to Buckle Back while she fed me ice cream.”


What is the key to a successful relationship?

E:  “Time apart. . . about six months.”
M:  “Time apart. . . about six months.”


What is your favorite thing to do with your significant other?

E:  “Watch him play Fortnite because he is amazing.”

M: “Pounding Chex Mix while watching the Angry Birds movie together.”


Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day?

E:  “Not yet, we usually make plans the night before.”

M: I’ll probably make reservations for Red Robin… table for two.”


What’s your biggest pet peeve about your significant other?

E:  “When he forgets what he is talking about 30 seconds into the conversation.”

M:  “Her sense of direction–she never knows how to get anywhere.”