Teacher/Staff Valentine Quiz


Clare Ravizza, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

UPDATE:  Thanks to all who “took” our Valentine contest.  The right answers have been boldfaced below.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day 2018, you get a chance to learn something interesting about some of our teachers and staff AND win a pan of brownies.  Take the quiz, emailing your responses to Clare Ravizza ([email protected]) by Wednesday midnight.  Thursday we’ll draw a winner from the accurate responses and deliver brownies on Friday.  


  1. This teacher met her husband at a charity fundraiser in the park on a  September day in the LBC. She was getting a temporary tattoo from a friend of his that said “grace” in Mandarin. In minutes they “were finishing each other’s sentences and joking around like we’d known each other forever. We both knew at that moment that we’d found ‘the one.’”                                                                                                          a. Mrs. Brown                                b. Mrs. Gilson                           c. Mrs. Bennett


  1. This Mo-town man met his Windy-City wife at the College founded by the Order inspired by a man from Xanten.                                                                                                                                            a. Mr. Browne            b.  Mr. Lagerman           c.  Mr. Greg Geiser


  1. These two knew each other “a little” in high school.  She went to St. Joe’s Academy, and he went to Abbot Pennings.  Over the 4th of July her senior year in college they “met again at Nicolet Beach in Door County and started dating shortly after that.”                                      a. Mrs. Campbell        b.  Mrs. Rickards       c. Mrs. Corriveau


  1.  “We met through some mutual friends in college at St. Norbert, and our first date was a charity dance for his Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity.”                                                                              a. Mrs. Abler              b. Mrs. Stanczak             c. Sra. Vanden Wyngaard  


  1. This gregarious gal met her husband after playing volleyball on the ice for a tournament during the Fish Creek Winter Games.                                                                                                         a. Frau Laaksonen           b. Doctora Mulroney         c. Mrs. Brown


  1.  This NDA alum met her Pulaski alum fiance online.  Their first date was dinner at the Bottle Room.                                                                                                                                                                a.    Ms. Weier               b.  Ms. Strong                  c. Ms. Montgomery


  1.  These two met while tutoring chemistry at college and then randomly happened to be in the same science fiction English class the next semester.                                                                              a. Sra. Dory                  b. Ms. Weier                c. Mrs. Corriveau


  1. This Southern girl met her husband playing ping pong at a back-to-school college mixer.  Their first date was to a Simon and Garfunkel concert.                                                                          a. Mrs. Zamzow-Gerl             b.  Mrs. Brown               c. Mrs. Hall


  1.  “We met in the back room of a bakery where I worked; she loved that I smelled like a cookie.  Our first date was to Frank and Pat’s Pizza in Appleton.”                                                                      a. Mr. Schultz                      b. Mr. Harry Geiser            c. Mr. Stary


  1. They met on the pitch. She pulled a muscle in her thigh; he said it was a cramp. As he tried to massage it, reflexes took over, and she back-handed him! While carrying her off the field, he asked if it was a sign they were going to get married. Her reply: “Fat chance, buddy!”                                                                                                                                                                   a. Mrs. Rickards          b.  Mr. Konshak          c.  Mr. Schultz


  1. This NDA teacher met her future husband in middle school band, but they didn’t start dating until prom her junior year.  They dated on and off throughout college but reconnected after he returned from the Peace Corps.                                                                                                          a. Mrs. Thillman               b. Mrs. Salerno               c. Mrs. Gilson                                                           
  2. This boy from the Bay first saw his future bride at a baseball game.  Their first date was to an outdoor musical which is where she said “yes” when he popped the BIG question eight years later.                                                                                                                                                                  a. Mr. Greisen         b. Mr. Dunlap           c. Mr. Gray
  3. This teacher met his wife while working at Heritage Hill. He lit her fire and she cooked dinner on a cast iron stove.                                                                                                                                                      a. Mr. Stary      b.  Mr. Gray      c. Mr. Bobinski
  4. They met in the sacristy of Nativity.   After months of only knowing each other by first name, she had the courage to leave a jug of A&W Root Beer (his favorite) in a cooler and a note on his doorstep, hoping that the cooler would get returned.  It did.                                                                                                                                                                                   a.  Mrs. Dunlap       b.  Mrs. Schmidt      c. Mrs. Cowans