Date Night in December Challenges Teens

Inexpensive Dates in Green Bay During Winter

As the cold sets in this winter, teenage couples in Green Bay may be having a more difficult time finding things to do on dates. They can no longer go to parks and have a picnic or go swimming, and instead have to come up with other inexpensive ways to go on dates.

Movies are becoming more and more expensive, and just hanging out at someone’s house gets old. Listed below are some fun and cheap date ideas for winter in Green Bay.

1. Visiting The Garden of Lights at the Green Bay Botanical Garden

Every winter, the botanical garden comes to life at night with thousands of lights set up along a path that guests can choose to walk or ride along. Tickets for walking are around $7, cheaper than a movie. If you choose to ride in the horse-drawn wagon, tickets are $11. This is a great way to bond with your date. Instead of sitting in silence at a movie, you can talk as you walk along and admire the beauty of the lights. When you’re done, you can go inside and warm up with some hot chocolate, and even get your picture taken with Santa. I would suggest going when it has just snowed and isn’t too cold. Overall, this is an inexpensive and romantic date idea.

2. Baking Christmas cookies

If you have just started dating your significant other and are afraid of awkward silences, inviting them over to bake Christmas cookies is the perfect idea for you. Get out the ingredients, turn on some Christmas music, and just have fun. The music will help you avoid those awkward silences, and eating the cookies when you’re done is the perfect end to a budget friendly date.

3. Sledding

There is practically no cost here. Step into your snow boots and let your inner child out. This is a great way to bond with your date. You can continue to talk and learn more about each other while still having fun. Places with sledding include Fireman’s Park, Webster Elementary School and Triangle Hill.

4. Ice Skating

Also a fairly inexpensive and enjoyable date that winter can provide. The Green Bay City Deck Ice Rink is open Monday-Friday from 4pm – 10pm and Saturday-Sunday from Noon – 10pm. Admission is $2, except on Monday, when admission is free. Skate rental is $3 or you are welcome to bring your own skates. Some local parks also have ice rinks that you can bring your own skates to and enjoy.

5. Visiting the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is open 365 days a year, and is completely free. Take your date on a romantic walk to see animals such as a cougar, otters and wolves. You can also purchase bags of corn for only $1 to feed the hundreds of hungry ducks and geese. If you want something more secluded, there are 6 miles of groomed ski trails for you to enjoy for free.

This time of year doesn’t mean sacrificing cute date ideas or breaking the bank to have fun.  So grab your date and some mittens and enjoy the beautiful winter in Green Bay.