How to Study for Final Exams

Final exams are slowly creeping up and its time to buckle down and start studying for them. Here are the best ways to study for final exams.

Mrs. Gerl, guidance counselor at Notre Dame Academy, gave some tips for studying for exams.

“Having a plan really helps when you have big tests or exams to study for,” said Mrs. Gerl. “Also students should get organized. If they are organized studying doesn’t seem like that big of a chore.”

Getting organized and having a plan are the first steps towards studying better. If students have a plan of when they are going to study, they are more likely to actually do it.

Making and using flashcards are a really great way to study because they test your memory skills.

Flash cards allow students to learn a lot about a subject in a short amount of time. When students are making them, it is also a form of studying because by writing things down, the brain is more likely to remember it.

“Using the study guide is critical,” said Mrs. Gerl. “A good study guide is like a simplified version of the actual exam or test.”

Students should take studying one class at a time. If they try to study math and english at the same time, the end result is not very pretty. Study for each subject individually and take the time needed.

Some classes might come easy, but others might not. Science might be some people’s strong suit, while math is very challenging. Take the time needed for each subject and everything will be great.

“Studying might be a students top priority, but taking care of himself should always be number one. If a student is better physically, they will be better mentally as well,” said Mrs. Jill Gerl.

Take short, quick breaks every 20 to 30 minutes. Students won’t, nor will they want to,  remember everything if they just sit for hours on end studying and cramming all that they can into their head. Five to ten minute breaks every half hour or so will make the student not as frustrated if they just focus on something else for a few minutes.

Studying non-stop for hours won’t help because the brain will be trying to remember everything in such a short time span. Studying over a period of a few days is best because it gives time for the brain to rest and let the information that it has learned to actually sink in and it will make it easier to remember everything when the time comes.

Some of the best advice students say that they have ever gotten is not to cram the night before the text or exam.

Studying over a few days or even a week is the best way to study. The student is not so stressed out because they have time to figure out the thing that they are struggling with.

Always ask questions. The teacher will be glad to help if a student just asks. teachers always want students to do well on their school work and exams.

Students should use these helpful tips throughout Exam week because everyone wants to do well on their exams. If they don’t, they might have some trouble when the time comes to take the exam or test.