NDA Forms Human[Kind] Club


Colleen Mortell, Staff Writer

Human[Kind] 2A new club, Human[Kind], was created this year at Notre Dame Academy.  The club’s goal is to promote positivity and kindness among the school.

Junior Melaina Rapisarda originally proposed the idea to administration, organizing a student survey and petitioning for the passing of the club.  Then Emma, Kate, and their mother, Aymee Balison helped establish the club and get the program off its feet.

“I was heavily influenced to start the club after watching the documentary, Finding Kind. Also, being a member of APPP (Allies for Positive Peer Pressure) my freshman year, I found that, although helpful, anti-bullying clubs really didn’t hit home with students as well anymore,” Rapisarda said.

Human[Kind] technically falls under the APPP umbrella; however, it also has an element of individuality and the group collaborates with student government.

During the meetings, the leaders are busy planning projects for the club.

The first event the club held was having students participate in photo testimonies.  The idea behind this project was to have students take a photo to pledge to kindness.  The photo testimonies also helped the club gain awareness.

“We are excited to watch the club grow as more students learn about our mission of spreading kindness,”  club adviser Aymee Balison said.

The club leaders are excited to share that the school will be holding a screening of Finding Kind on Thursday, April 3rd, at 6:30 PM.

The club also hopes to participate in Human[Kind] Worldwide.  It is a project in which [Kind] bracelets will be distributed among students.  Each student who receives a bracelet will be asked to complete one act of kindness, post a picture of it on the Facebook page, and then pass the bracelet on to the next person. This project aims at “passing the kind on.”

“Human[Kind] is rooted in the belief that kind acts should be recognized: nobody is perfect, we just have to strive to be the best we can be to both ourselves and others,” Rapisarda stated.

Human[Kind] leaders collectively work together to create new ideas and contribute to the group. The leadership board is always open to new members.

If you would like to be a part of Human[Kind], do not be afraid to come to a meeting, leaders said. The dates of meetings are posted on the club’s FaceBook page.

Human[Kind] is currently ordering club t-shirts Order forms can be found at the atrium desk.