LeMoine Family Runs Green Bay Alpacas


Many Tritons know Student Body President TJ LeMoine as a soccer player and a drummer.  However, not many of them know that his family raises and breeds alpacas.

The LeMoine family owns a barn that is home to over 35 alpacas, five miniature donkeys, two goats, two cats, a parrot, a frog, two bunnies, three dogs, a miniature horse, and three regal peacocks.

The idea of having animals originally came from TJ’s mother, Erin LeMoine.

“I always wanted to have some type of livestock, but I did not want it to be dangerous and hurt my children,” Mrs. LeMoine said.

Their business, Green Bay Alpacas, has been around for nine years.  The LeMoines shared that when they started, it was very fun and exciting to learn about these animals.

The alpacas are mostly used for their fleece and are shorn yearly.  The LeMoines send the fleece out to be spun into wool and yarn.  The wool is then used to make socks, sweaters, blankets, and hats which are sold.

“It first began with only a few alpacas, but before we knew it, we were getting more and more,” Mrs. LeMoine added.

Along with selling the alpacas’ fleece, which is hypoallergenic and seven times warmer than sheeps wool, the LeMoine’s also participate in alpaca shows.

At the shows, the alpacas are evaluated by their fleece and conformation.  They have had their alpacas win color champion titles at shows, which means the alpaca is the best “one” in their color.  In order to win that award, the alpaca must win first place in their age group.

“The other animals in the barn are more like pets.  The miniature donkeys can basically sit in your lap which is really cool.  It’s really funny when you put your nose up to the alpacas and then they put their nose up to yours,” TJ shared.

TJ also said that it is easy to tell the alpacas apart from each other because they have different personalities.  He said that he and the rest of the family enjoy raising them and watching them develop and grow up.

The LeMoine family consists of five children: TJ, Collin, Samantha, Ella, and Teddy.  The entire family helps out with barn activities such as feeding the animals and cleaning their pens.

Ella (9) and Teddy (4) have grown up with the alpacas.  They began to help out with the animals since they both could walk.

Green Bay Alpaca’s also offers tours to educate people about the animals.  They have held Girl Scout Troops, Boy Scout Troops, and school field trips on their property.

LeMoine’s barn has also been home to rescue animals.  They have received calls from the police asking them to take the animals in and nurture them back to health.

TJ can be recognized around town driving his truck that displays the Green Bay Alpaca’s logo.

“I definitely want to have a livestock when I grow up and have my own family.  They’re fun to have as pets and teach responsibility,” TJ said.