Ice Bears Playing with Success

Madi Polack, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Freshman Laken Anderson says that her team (a co-op of girls from area high schools, including Notre Dame Academy) are not only 16-0 for the season but have a streak of 43-0 from the past season. Anderson and teammates are looking to continue this streak.

Anderson, Megan Sarri, Kira Gunville, Dani Reince, Abby Anderson and Anna Holzbach are the players on the team from Notre Dame Academy.

“Knowing that I am a freshman on the team is definitely a different feeling. At one point I am trying to do my best and get playing time, and at the same time I also have to make time to get to know my teammates,” said Anderson.

The freshman forward certainly seems up to this challenge.

In November, the team won the Gobbler Cup that took place in Mosinee, Wisconsin. Again, they were victorious at the Santa Shootout in Appleton, Wisconsin, that occurred over winter break.

Both of these victories were huge milestones for the team. As a result of their success, all teams are out to defeat the Ice Bears. It is important, according to Anderson, for the team to keep the perspective that what matters most is at the end of the season.

Anderson loves playing left wing for the Ice Bears because she is left-handed on the ice.

“It’s much easier to carry the puck outside the opponents when I’m not using my backhand,” she explained.

Before games, Anderson likes to jam out to different types of music and maintains the “Great Gatsby Radio plays lots of good tunes.”  If it keeps the winning streak going, keep playing that music.

The Bay Area Ice Bears next face off at home on Saturday, January 24, at 3 p.m. at Cornerstone Community Center. Tritons are encouraged to support Anderson and her team on the road to state.