Academy Chatter: What is your ‘natural high’?

Mrs. Carolyn Brown, staff:  “Teaching, especially the in-class part of it . . . . and going to Barnes & Noble.”

Mrs. Donna Clement, staff:  “Music.”

Mrs. Cathy Nick, staff: “Exercise.”

Mrs. Mary Maufort, staff: “Waking up in the morning and not having to call a substitute.”

Ingrid Hirte, junior: “Running, shopping, ice skating and playing volleyball.”

Danielle Matuszak, junior: “Debating.”

Ms. Stefanie Jochman, staff:  “Literary tourism.”

Nick Robinson, junior: “Drinking water when I’m really, really thirsty.”

Steven Strutt, junior: “Whitewater kayaking with Mr. Brown.”

Melaina Rapisarda, senior: “Studying chemistry.”

Derek Antonissen, senior: “Just being in school gives me a natural high.”

Vince Gryboski, senior: “Being in nature.”

Max Liegel, sophomore: “Sudoku puzzles.”

Michael DeLeers, sophomore: “Bird watching.”

Jack Gille, sophomore: “Catching beatles in my sandbox.”

Ryan O’Connell, sophomore: “Origami.”

Andrew Zipp, sophomore: “Frawliking.”

Mrs. Chris Salerno:  “Watching Ace Ventura.”

Johnny Santaga, sophomore: “Figure skating.”

Warren Johnson, sophomore: “Sketching.”

Bethany McCole, senior: “Ridin’ my bike with no handle bars.”

Emily Vandenhouten, senior: “Being right.”

Crystal Dory, staff: “Running.”

Molly Schneider, freshman: “Playing tennis.”

Trudy Quidzinski, freshman: “Working out.”

Lauren Welker, freshman: “Yoga and being with friends during the day.”

Cole Cullen, freshman: “Snowmobiling.”

Ellie Tressler, freshman: “Dancing.”

Meghan Yakel, freshman: “Playing volleyball and listening to music.”

Maddie Woodward, freshman: “Running and playing ping pong.”

Briannah Ehlinger, senior: “Running.”

Jack Peterman, senior: “Working.”

Callie Krcma, senior: “Ice cream.”

Luke LeClair, senior: “Tennis.”

Denice Aispuro, freshman: “I love to read or write.”

Ben Lelinski, freshman: “Cookies.”

Olivia Zehms, freshman: “I love my family and volleyball.”

Deidre Bellmore, freshman: “Ice cream or being with friends.”

Claire Therrien, freshman: “Dance.”

Olivia Allen, freshman: “Traveling.”

Lily Schumacher, freshman: “My natural high is drawing.”

Ms. Holly Strong, staff:  “Laughing. . . and dancing.”

Mrs. Jean Thillman, staff:  “Exercising.”

Danielle Lippert, freshman: “Spending time with my friends.”

Clare Ravizza, freshman: “Reading and writing.”

Ashlyn Fitzgerald, freshman: “Listening to music.”

Hannah Dercks, freshman: “Writing and playing soccer.”

Dr. John Ravizza, staff: “Spending time with my family.”

Abby Anderson, freshman: “Seeing people happy.”

Allison Rakers, freshman: “Playing soccer and listening to music.”

Olivia Escalante, freshman: “Listening to music.”

Colton Lippert, senior: “WWW wrestling.”

Olivia Blumb, freshman: “Laughing.”

Claire Sievert, freshman: “Playing piano.”

Stephen Lovell, sophomore: “Taking really long showers.”

Brehme Quidzinski, junior: “Playing my guitar.”

Kristy Shuck, senior: “Music”

Shannon Simonet, senior: “Being with friends.”

Austin Nordeen, senior: “Skiing.”

Jack Peterman, senior: “Working.”

Maddy Quidzinski, senior: “Reading.”

Nichole Michaletz, freshman: “Drawing.”

Rebekah Witte, freshman: “Writing.”

Wade Druar, freshman: “Making things out of metal.”

Ryan Hornberger, freshman: “Eating.”

Wyatt Druar, freshman: “Making Movies.”

Ben Boucher, freshman: “Hunting.”

Josey McClain, freshman: “Walking.”