Looking for a Good Book to Read?

Hannah Dercks, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Everyone loves a good book.  Some people are into love stories, others adventure, and some comedy.  It all depends on what book you want to read.  A recommendation from a friend is great way to find your own style of books.  Having a hard time finding something you like?  Well, it’s your lucky day.  Here are some recommendations and reviews of books that I’ve read and found to be interesting.  My picks will take you from romance to adventure to real-life to the perfect revenge.  Read on!

For my first pick, I’m going to start with The Fault In Our Stars by John Green.  Before you roll your eyes and say, “It’s cheesy,” just hear me out.  The Fault In Our Stars is a beautiful love story about Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters, two teens experiencing the same obstacle:  Cancer.  In hopes of her making new friends, Hazel is sent to Cancer Kid Support Group.  It’s boring and a pain–that is, until Augustus Waters comes into the picture.  They become friends, and soon their friendship grows into a powerful love.  If you’re looking for a good love story, this is it.  This story isn’t only about kids with cancer.  It’s about kids falling in love.  Even though Hazel and Augustus are both facing serious illness, they experience a love so powerful and great that nothing can stop them.  Ok?  Ok.

I know we live in Wisconsin, and it’s freezing right now.  We do live in the frozen tundra.   But that doesn’t mean summer isn’t far away!  It’s never too early to start finding good summer reads.  Boys, Bears, and a Serious Pair of Hiking Boots by Abby McDonald is about a seventeen-year-old girl named Jenna.  She is a firm believer in environmental activism.  When she gets the chance to spend the summer in Canada, she can’t refuse.  She packs her bags, ready to explore this majestic land.  But after arriving, her dreams of a summer romance and saving the Earth begin to fade.  Jenna finds a survival guide during her stay.  She uses it to know what to do in this wild land.  If you’re looking for a good book to read on the beach this summer, you found it.  It’s a great story of discovering who you really want to be and a story about following your heart.  If you’re in the mood for some summer lovin’ and the outdoors, you better start reading Boys, Bears, and a Serious Pair of Hiking Boots by Abby McDonald.

On to another pick.  He was just a little boy.  He liked superheroes and playing games like most little boys do.  But Colton Burpo was no ordinary boy.  Surviving his emergency appendectomy, his family was relieved and happy to have their little boy back.  In Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent, Colton tells his parents how he went to heaven during the surgery.  He told them about people he had never met and things that happened before his time.  This inspiring true story is about a bold and sweet boy, telling people of the things he witnessed, and that heaven is indeed for real.  This is an excellent book about heaven and one of God’s children that was chosen to share with us some of the glories of His kingdom.  This is a great book to read to deepen your faith, and see how God chooses even his youngest of children to experience His glory.

It really stinks when you go out to the limo to retrieve your lipstick, and you see your boyfriend cheating on you with your best friend.  It also stinks when you have to wear an embarrassing pink and ruffled dress and have no one at the prom to be with.  When your parents find you a prom date with a guy you’ve never met before, it hurts a ton when he calls you right before prom and says he’s not coming.  Welcome to the prom night of Bliss, Jolene, and Meg.  After sighting her boyfriend in the limo with her best friend, Bliss decides she needs revenge.  Looking for help, she finds Jolene, the bad girl, feeling shameful in her pink ruffles.  And you can’t forget Meg, who is crying in her car, feeling forlorn because of her date.  Now, for my final pick,  The Anti-Prom by Abby McDonald, three girls from different worlds join together to find the perfect revenge.  A story of action and teen romance, this is a great read for those who like some drama and suspense.  It’s a great read just in time for your prom.  But don’t worry!  This doesn’t mean your prom will be a bad experience.  If you ever need some ideas of revenge, though, this would be a good place to start.

Hopefully these recommendations have interested you in these intriguing books, or at least given you an idea of the type of books you want to read.  The possibilities are endless.  Whether you are looking for non-fiction or fantasy, you’ll surely find a book you’re interested in.  All of these books are excellent reads, and I highly recommend them to you.  These aren’t the only books that I like, though.  There are so many others, and I am sure you will find just as many riveting stories, too.  Keep open to the possibilities of discovering new worlds, meeting different people, and trusting your heart through the wonderful experience of reading books!