Carmen Roskos: Star Behind the Show

Nadine Druar, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

“Carmen Roskos–what can I say? She makes every show worthwhile. Carmen herself once said, ‘I guess if everyone has a character, then I, the stage manager, am playing God!’ ” said Kristy Shuck, a senior who has been involved in many drama productions with Roskos.

Carmen Roskos first worked in a stage crew her sophomore year. Since then she has been on crew for every show. Along with at least three nights a week dedicated to rehearsals, she also is in Model UN and  Writers’ Union, has a passion for history, and plays alto sax.

Her favorite movie is The Avengers, and, if she could have any superpower, she said that it would be telekinesis.

“I could help people stuck underneath things and I could mess with people.  And stage crew would be so cool if I could move set pieces on and off with my mind,” said Roskos.

Roskos is planning to major in history and minor in theatre in college. Her dream job is one that involves both history and her stage managing skills, even if she doesn’t know what exactly that job is yet.

“This is kind of embarrassing, but it is true: I wanted to be a princess for a really long time, like one that actually did good things for her people and wasn’t a stuck up snob, and then I wanted to be an actress, which I find really amusing now because I don’t act,” said Roskos.

Roskos has met a myriad of people through drama, including Karlie Hornberger. Hornberger has known Roskos since their freshman year.

“Our freshman year, Carmen and I had our first venture into the basement (the one under the gym) with the crew for Nothing But the Truth. The Stage Manager at the time, senior Tessa Janssen, let us explore for a short period of time, but told us to come back soon. Carmen and I, as well as Katie Adam (a sophomore at the time), found a door that we wanted to go through. Katie convinced us that the door wouldn’t lock behind us, but in an unfortunate twist, it did. There were no lights in the room and our phones didn’t have service. After knocking on the door for several minutes, we concluded that we had been left behind. Fortunately, there was a staircase in our space behind the door, which led up to the middle of the main hallway. I think Carmen would cite this as one of the first things to really draw her to theater. In addition to seeing a part of the school that few students get to see, we had to learn self-sufficiency and problem solving, which has carried us through each show,” said Hornberger.

Roskos’ favorite show to date was Musical Comedy Murders-1940. She said that she also liked Twelfth Night and Aida.

“Carmen’s positive attitude is endless. During one particularly difficult week of Anything Goes rehearsals, she printed out slips of paper with inspirational quotes and left them in people’s books. She cares deeply about every show we have put on. I think she may be the most passionate member of Drama Club at Notre Dame, yet she rarely takes the spotlight,” said Hornberger.