10 Things to Look Forward to in March

Danielle Lippert, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism


  • Spring

Finally, winter is over. The cold weather is gone, and the snow will finally melt. We can put away the winter jackets and pull out lighter clothes. Even though spring can be rainy and sometimes chilly, it’s a great break between the freezing winter and the very hot summer.


  • Spring Break

It doesn’t really matter where you’re going for spring break: a different country, a different state, a different city or maybe just staying home. What matters most is we finally get a much-needed break from school. After spring break, the next long break we get to look forward to is summer break!


  • March Madness

For all the college basketball fans, this is what you’ve been waiting for. The March Madness tournament’s first games start on March 17. The Championship Game is played on April 6. Hopefully we will be seeing Wisconsin play in the famous tournament, but the bracket has not come out yet.


  • Saint Patrick’s Day

On March 17, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day. Saint Patrick’s day is celebrated in many ways: wearing green, going to a parade, religious services or pea planting. No matter which way you celebrate, always remember that is is a saint’s feast day, and you should keep it holy!


  • Saint Baldrick’s

This year Saint Baldrick’s will be on Friday, March 27. Saint Baldrick’s is an organization that raises money for childhood cancer research. In the past few weeks, students have volunteered to get their head shaved in front of the school.


  • Cabaret Night

Cabaret Night is the night where we celebrate all the fine arts at Notre Dame. There will be four performing spots throughout the school, and there are many different acts to see. Cabaret Night is on Saturday, March 28. There will also be a spaghetti dinner this year, arranged by the band kids. Tickets are being sold beforehand for $7, or you can pay $9 at the door.  The lacrosse moms are selling treats throughout the night.  Admission to all the entertainment is free!


  • Daylight Savings

Although it messes up your sleep schedule, daylight savings is a great way to start off March and spring. This year daylight savings is on March 8. We finally get more sun during the day, and hopefully we’ll adjust to it sooner than we think!


  • Ultimate Pi Day

Every year March 14 is considered “Pi Day” because the date is 3.14, the first three digits of pi, but this year will be extra special. This year’s Pi Day date is 3.14.15, which is the first five digits of pi. Although we won’t be in school on March 14, it can still be a fun little thing to think about.


  • Shamrock Shakes

Who doesn’t love a yummy minty shake from McDonalds? Shamrock Shakes come out for a limited time every year around Saint Patrick’s Day. The Shamrock Shake was first introduced in 1960 as “The Saint Patrick’s Day Shake,” and it has evolved to what it is today. Make sure to get it now before it’s taken off the menu until next year!


  • Molly Sanborn

On March 10, we have a guest speaker coming to Notre Dame Molly Sanborn. Her talk is titled “Keep Your Pants On,” and she talks about STDs, abstinence and why it is important. Sanborn will teach us how to set boundaries and live out our lives how we should. Sanborn will not only talk to us about abstinence but also self-image and confidence.