Your Fantastic Spring Break

Hannah Dercks, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Spring Break is swiftly approaching.  Some people are heading off to warm, faraway places, and others are staying here in good ol’ Wisconsin.  Whether you’re going to tan on the beach or go skiing here at home, you’re finally getting a well-deserved break.  Sleep in, put your ICP troubles aside, and have some fun.  You can have a great time during your break, even if you’re staying home.  With some assistance, your wheels will be turning.

Your best friends are going to Mexico.  They get to tan, swim in the ocean, drink virgin piña coladas, and have delicious food.  And your plans?  You’re staying home.  It’s negative twenty outside, you have some water, a bag of pretzels, and a date on the couch with Netflix.  You obviously have the more glamorous vacation.  NOT.  But don’t let that get you down!  So what you aren’t going to some tropical paradise?  You can still have fun back home and recharge your battery.  The following are tips that will hopefully take your spring break from a lame respite to a fun time.

Sleep in.

Yes, sleep in.  When reading this, you may be thinking, “Seriously?”  But it’s a great thing to do during break.  You don’t get to sleep in on the school week, so this is your chance to catch up on SLEEP.  Oh. . .the mere thought of that heavenly state. . .the tranquil, ethereal out-of-body, existence of that glorious sleep.  Where alarm clocks are only to be seen and not heard, their loud, clamouring, desperate pleas to start the day–deadened.  Wrap up in the covers.  Turn out the lights, and prepare yourself for that out-of-body experience to begin its rejuvenating effect on your worn-out existence.  The current stress of the second semester and third quarter will have just come to a close.  Celebrate in that luxurious suspension of consciousness–sleep, glorious sleep.

Have some local fun.

Just because you’re home for break doesn’t mean you are bound only to your house.  It’s nice to get out for awhile.  You could do something as simple as go for a run, or you could go out for dinner.  You could go to a local gym and shoot some hoops, or you could go to the movie theater.  What about those local attractions you have always meant to check out, or those you have not checked out in a while?  Have you seen the new Packers Pro Shop yet, or frequented the new and improved stadium eateries?  When was the last time you visited the Packer Hall of Fame?  It’s Lent.  So, a lot of Catholic churches are having really great fish fries.  St. Patrick’s Day is also coming up.  Check out the community newspapers and listings for neat local offerings in these areas, as well as for attractions in  sports, nature, art, nutrition–and whatever else may float your boat this break.  Remember, once break ends, so too may your time to spend on these opportunities.  So, seize the moment of the break, and live large locally!

Hang out with friends.

This is something of which I am certain:  You are not the only person your age that isn’t going somewhere for Spring Break.  A lot of people stay home.  So call up a friend or two!  Have a sleepover with the girls, or go watch a movie with the guys.  You could go shopping at the mall, or you could practice soccer with some of your teammate friends.  You could also solicit a friend’s company to check out the local attractions you have been too busy to enjoy. Hanging out with friends is a great way to relieve stress, smile, laugh and have a soda or two.

Enjoy your favorite hobby.

We all have something we enjoy to do.  Some of us love to read, others like to make movies.  Some of us like to run, others like to draw.  Whether you like to write or do scrapbooking, you still have something that interests you and makes you happy.  So instead of moping around, make a movie.  Write a story, draw a picture, play a sport.  Do what makes you happy!  Sometimes it’s nice to just have a relaxing time doing something you excel in or enjoy.  You better start planning out your next movie!

Spend Quality Family Time.

Lastly–don’t forget family!  We are all pretty busy during the semester with studies, extracurriculars and regular high school stress, and often our family members take a back seat to high school and its drama.  So, this break move those family members up to the front seat and go for a ride!  Maybe not literally, yet that would be fun too, but figuratively–reconnect and spend some quality time with those family members who love you so much, and put up with you all semester.  Hang out with your little sis or your big bro, and recall all those things that make them special to you, and make you the unique family you are.  Give mom and dad a little more quality time, too.  In fact–ask them to spend some special time with you this break.  Remember, our parents sacrifice a lot for us, and as teens we do not always notice or appreciate that.  Yep, we can be pretty much “all about me.”  This break–show your parents you do notice and appreciate what they do for you by spending some special time with them, honoring them in your life.  (It’s the Fourth Commandment after all.)  And–don’t forget about your grandparents–make the effort to connect with them this break too.  Call them up, and ask if you can come over some night for a game of cards or a board game–and you will bring the frozen pizza and the bag of chips.  They will be delighted, and so will you when you take that time to reconnect.  Savour these opportunities to be in and with your family at this time in your life.  In only a few years, we will be in college or working “in the real world,” and the opportunities we now have to spend this quality, bonding time with our family members will have changed a great deal.  Savour the opportunities you have now–even on this Spring Break!

No matter where you are, Spring Break is a great stress reliever.  But for those who sit around at home, it can be boring.  Trust me.  I’ve been in this position several times.  It’s not always fun to hear someone bragging about going to some faraway paradise, and you’re trapped at your freezing home.  But with the right attitude and some ideas, you can have a fantastic time right where you live.  So don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself.  Start planning out your vacation, and make it the best Spring Break ever!