Q & A with Mr. Mal, Scott Mallien

James Verdegan , Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

One of the most popular and respected teachers at NDA is Mr. Scott Mallien.  He not only teaches social studies but also coaches football, basketball and track.  Learn a little more about this inspirational teacher from the Q & A session that follows.

Q: Where did you go to high school and college?
A:  Preble High School & UW-Green Bay & St. Norbert.

Q:  What led you to become a teacher?
A:  I was working as a paraprofessional at Washington Middle School, and the principal, Mr. Jack Washington, (he has since passed away) called me into his office and asked why I was not a teacher.  He told me he had seen me with students and felt I had the qualities necessary to be a very good teacher.  He saw something in me that I did not see in myself; to this I owe him my debt of gratitude.

Q: You went to Wausau a year ago as a head football coach.  What brought you back to NDA?
A: It was a very difficult decision to leave NDA.  Although I worked with some wonderful people and students, my job in Wausau was not working from a family perspective. When the opportunity to return to NDA presented itself, there was no hesitation at all, and so I accepted the offer to return.  It was the best decision for my family and myself.

Q: Which do you prefer–the classroom or coaching?
A: I think they both work together.  In both I get to do the things that I love, social studies and coaching.  I have always considered myself a person who is a teacher first and then a coach

Q: What advice do you try to give your students and players about life?
A: I have three things: 1) Have a balance in your life with all the things you do.  2) Keep things in perspective by putting the most important parts of your life first: Faith-Family/Friends-Yourself. 3) Do not be defined by what you do as a profession; it is who you are that is the most important quality to possess.