Service Day Popular with Students, Staff, Community

Jameson Verdegarn, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

Last Thursday Notre Dame had its annual NDA Serves Day where everyone–teachers as well as students- takes a day to help out local businesses, non-profits or schools. This day is very important to the school because NDA takes pride in helping others and giving back.

Every year the students get to choose where they want to go for their service site. After their three-hour service stint is done, the students have the rest of the day off, unless they are in a sport and have practice that day.

Many service sites are outside, and despite the rain on Thursday, a lot of outside work was still done.

“I was with four students at the Encompass Center on Hartung,” said English teacher Carolyn Brown.  “The two guys, Adan Martinez and Nate VandenHuevel, worked outside and never complained about the weather.  The two girls, Stephanie Staed and Macey Vandenmeerendonk, cleaned furniture and toys and then interacted with the kids.  I washed walls.  The people at Encompass really seemed appreciative–and a little awestruck–by our willingness to work.”

Senior Jack Ritchay said, “It’s fun every year going out and helping people for a few hours.”  Ritchay went to Broadway in Downtown Green Bay. “We cleaned up the street and picked up trash.”

“Last year I went to Baird’s Creek and cut down trees, this year I went to the cemetery on Webster and we picked up sticks and raked leaves,” said Carter Jacobson, another senior. Service Day also offers students an opportunity to learn more about the community.  Often, when serving, students get a tour of the business and make contacts that could be beneficial in the future.

Senior Ty Yewman said, “Service Day is always a good time.  You get off school for a day and help out the community.”

Unfortunately, the sophomores did not get the benefit of serving as they had to come to school for testing.  Their time at school was approximately the same time others spent in service.