Academy Chatter: What is your most embarrassing school experience and why?

Journalism I students

Brian Feng, sophomore: “Fell down the stairs using crutches.”

Jon Holzbach, sophomore: “Fell down the stairs without injury.”

Ethan Wheeler, sophomore: “Forgot my backpack at home.”

Avery Lyons, sophomore: “Tripped in the hallway.”

Trudy Quidzinski, sophomore: “Ran to my mom thinking it was her, but it wasn’t.”

Jay Stadtmueller, sophomore: “Walked out of the gym locker room shirtless.”

Adam Roitstein, sophomore: “Rolled my ankle during an uncontested layup.”

Carter Olles, junior: “Tripped on the stairs first day of freshman year.”

Elijah Dercks, junior: “When I asked a girl out and she said yes, then 10 minutes later she said ‘no’ to me in front of friends.”

Oliver Struger, junior: “When I tripped on a desk.”

Teddy Suda, senior: “I got in trouble for being out of class too long. I was in the bathroom jammin’ out on my Gameboy like a baller.”

Jeff Vogelsang, senior: “When I asked Grace Tressler to be my girlfriend with a poem.”

Kristen Burkel, senior: “I tripped up the stairs….wearing a skirt….in front of Mrs. Mayer…”

Veronica Letter, senior: “Freshman year, how Vinny asked me to Fallfest. I stood up in front of the entire cross country team, and he wasn’t there.  I still get made fun of.”

Robert Petitjean, senior: “When I danced with Blake with my shirt off.”

Nick Wagner, senior: “Freshman year when I fell up the stairs.”

Noah Wleczyk, senior: “When I fell out of a desk in Mr. Winkler’s room.”

Max Pallini, sophomore: “I farted really loud last year in Social Studies.”

Jack Allen, sophomore: “Got caught sleeping in class in Honors English.”

Will Motquin, junior: “When I bent over to pick up a water bottle and ripped my pants.”

Anna Huntley, freshman: “I walked into the wrong classroom and then everybody stopped and looked at me. I said, ‘Nope,’ turned, and walked out.”

Mary Claire Matthews, freshman: “I was in a spelling bee and my shirt was inside out.”

Anna Grzelak, freshman: “It was in first or second grade. I got motion sickness on the bus, and then when I got to school, I threw up over everybody.”

Grace Purcell, sophomore: “In middle school, I tripped up the stairs.”

Mary Beth Healy, freshman: “Going to a wrong class in a wrong hour.”

Maria Weron’ska, junior: “When I was at middle school during lunch, somebody spilled milk and carrots all over my skirt and shirt.”

Abbey Comark, freshman: “I was in middle school, and I ran into a pole in front of the whole class.”

Rebbeca Boucher, freshman: “I was in study hall, and I was listening to my music when I realized my headphones were not in the right way, and people could hear it.”

Esmeralda Vera Hernandez, sophomore: “Probably when my phone rang in class.”

Lexi Fitzgerald, junior: “Falling in the school lip dub.”

Ella Hunt, junior: “Wearing my backpack when I sat down on the bench at the freshman lunch table on the first day…I fell backwards.”

Robert Petitjean, senior: “Probably Mr. NDA last year.” 

Barrett Desotell, junior: “My entire freshman year.”

Callie Adamczak, junior: “Haley DeGroot pushing me down the stairs in front of everyone and then awkwardly trying to pick up my backpack and leave.”

Brennan VanWychen, junior: “Freshman year at the first football game. I was one of the only three people to stand up when they did the grade chant. It was before I really knew anyone and all the seniors stood up and gator chomped us.”

Morgan Carlson, junior: “Setting off the fire alarm during basketball practice.”

Frank Sun, junior: “A teacher saw me kiss my girlfriend in China.”

Emily Martin, junior: “I fall up and down stairs occasionally.”

Han Lu, junior: “I speak lots of wrong English in class because it make me nervous.”

Yuhao Shu, junior:  “I spilled the water in front of a girl, and that made me look funny.”

Nicholas Haske, junior: “I sneezed really hard and lots of snot came out of my nose during my presentation freshman year.”

Maria Haske, junior: ” Everyone in the Beauty and the Beast musical cast and crew sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me before the show that morning.”

Diana Lei, sophomore:  “Somebody put on the Ashton Kutcher Fan Fiction Video on YouTube during home room and nobody liked it. It was weird.”

Jessy Qiu, junior: “When I was a sophomore, I studied in English class,and when we took a picture, I was embarrassed because I wore the short jeans.”

Max Sonnenburg, freshman: “When I shot way over par in a golf tournament this summer.”

Ana Holzbach, sophomore: “At a hockey game I went out to play a puck, I tripped, the puck went out to the skater that was coming to me, and she scored.”

April Wang, senior: “I laughed loudly in front of my dream boyfriend because I like him.”

Wyatt Druar, sophomore: “I don’t have any.”

Nadine Druar, sophomore: “When I was spat at in Much Ado About Nothing.”

Cierra Windey, senior: “I was locked in the gym locker room with my friend for the whole class during freshman year.“

Aldo Gonzalez,sophomore: “In eighth grade on a half-day schedule I thought it was the end of the day, but it was really fourth hour.”

Bekah Witte, sophomore: in kindergarten I got lost in the halls and sat and cried until lunch when a teacher found me.”

Zachary Jerzyk, sophomore: “In fifth grade my literature teacher tripped over my books and loudly swore at me in front of the entire class.”

Katherine Van DenHeuvel, sophomore: “I called my former gym teacher by her nickname (“Mike”).  She then proceeded to get mad and scold me.”

Simon Netta, sophomore: “Walking into the wrong classroom.”

Wade Druar, sophomore: “This survey.”

Noah Frigo, sophomore: “Getting locked in Mr. Dietzo’s classroom.”

Grace Purcell, freshman: “Falling down the stairs and having to get stitches on my head.”

Marcellus Thiry, freshman: “Having my nose colored black with a Sharpie for Halloween being Snoopy.”

Ryan Martin, freshman: “Going to Holy Cross.”

Reid Kaster, freshman: “Ripping my pants in fifth grade.”

Stephanie Walczyk, junior:  “Probably the time I fell down the stairs, and into a senior freshman year.”

Andrew Quigley, senior: “Junior year when I choked in BOTB.”

Liam Gerl, junior: “When I got called out for breaking Coach Nowak’s key and had to bring breakfast the next day.”

Brenda Aguilar, junior: “The most embarrassing thing I did was trip during the run at my first freshman football game.”

Sam Conard, junior: “Freshman year I was at my lunch table, and my friend asked me to open a yogurt, so I said okay. My other friend wanted to open it creatively, though, so he put it on the edge of the table, and I hit the yogurt, and it splattered all over the friend that asked me to open it like two tables over.”

Claire Therrien, sophomore: “When I fell down the stairs freshman year in front of a whole bunch of upperclassmen.”

Alex Stebor, junior: “I didn’t pay for my Sweethearts date.”

Nick Messerschmidt, junior: “When I sprained my ankle freshman year and had to get crutches.”

Abby Thillman, senior: “Falling over a roller backpack freshman year.”

Madison Weber, senior: “Being the only person wearing red pants on a blue jeans day.”

Brooke Marshall, senior: “Dropping hot chocolate all over myself during lunch.”

Max Roitstein, senior: “Twisting my ankle in the walking unit in gym.”

Jack Lemkuil, senior: “When I cried freshman year because I couldn’t find my class.”

Blake Olejniczak, senior: “The number of times (6) I’ve ripped my pants over my high school career.”

Nick Wagner, senior: “Running late for class freshman year, I fell going up the stairs.”

Maureen Schick, senior: “Tripping up and down the stairs my freshman year.”

Lili Porter, senior: “Falling down a flight of stairs right in front of the cute student teacher freshman year.”

Emma Neumeyer, senior: “One time when I was delivering notes, a freshman boy dropped the door on my face.”

Lily Schumacher, sophomore: “I’m going to say general falling or tripping during class. It’s just embarrassing as a whole to all of a sudden just fall during the middle of class. It’s even worse when you’ve fallen so much people don’t even ask if you’re okay.”

Hannah Dercks, sophomore: “I was walking in the hallway to a Disney song. As I was singing my solo, I finally realized a boy I never saw before was watching me. I ran upstairs and couldn’t breathe I was laughing so hard!”

Christopher Kapic, sophomore: “Throwing up in third grade.”

Benjamin Lelinski, sophomore: “Probably the time when I peed my pants in front of my whole kindergarten class when we were practicing to sing a song for Mass.”

Danielle Lippert, sophomore: “In elementary school during Mass we would clap during the ‘Gloria.’ I didn’t know that people people did not do that during Sunday Mass, so I was the only one that started clapping.”

Conor Hogan, sophomore: “Probably the time at golf when one of the urinals sprayed my pants and everyone thought that I peed myself, and it was the most embarrassing because people posted it on Twitter.”

Mitch Chosa, freshman: “It was probably in third grade. I peed my pants and I couldn’t change, so I had to walk around school with a big pee stain, and it was embarrassing because one kid saw me and made fun of me.”

Rebecca DeBoer, sophomore: “I fell down a flight of stairs and spit my gum on this kid’s shoe because I was laughing so hard.”

Paul Gapinski, sophomore: “Probably the first all school Mass I served for. I put the book that the priest reads out of in the wrong spot in front of the entire student body. I was pretty embarrassed. Mr. Kriegl had to take the book and put it on the altar.”

Payton VanPelt, sophomore: “Probably the time my little brother peed on a World War II memorial on Memorial Day in front of World War II vets.”

Grady Brick, freshman: “Throwing up in the hallway.”

William Guevara, sophomore: “When my pants fell off during elementary school.”

Ellie Coles, sophomore: “In seventh grade, I tripped on the stairs and knocked every person down the stairs.”

Abby Anderson, sophomore: “When I ran out of Mrs. Huntley’s room in the middle of a speech.”

Hannah Ciriacks, sophomore: “When I broke a discus in track as a freshman because I threw it into a pole at a meet.”

Madeline Moureau, junior: “Probably when I fell going up the stairs right after lunch because the stairway was so crowded.”

Emily Conard, sophomore: “Almost falling off the stage when I played Juliet in eighth grade.”

Maddie Woodward, sophomore: “Wiping out in front of the entire senior class last year while walking into school.”

Meghan Yakel, sophomore: “I tripped and face planted in front of a cute senior boy last year.”

Molly Schneider, sophomore: “The spirit-themed football game during my freshman year. I don’t have any older siblings that went to NDA, so I didn’t have any spirit wear, and I showed up to the game in a red sweater. It turns out that was the other team’s color.”

Tyler Bergner, sophomore: “Umm.. When I showed up in a costume and I thought it was a dress up day.”

Ben Richards, junior: “When I fell.”

Madison Remington, junior: “On the first day of study hall my glass water bottle shattered in the commons and it was totally silent.”

Elijah Dercks, junior:  “I would say when I asked a girl out and she said yes and then came back like five minutes later and said no in front of all of my friends.

Meghan Dwyer, junior: “First day of freshman year walking into a classroom of all seniors and getting gator chomped.”

Anya Carlson,  junior: “My pants falling off when I was just about to run at a track meet.”

Esmeralda Vera, sophomore: “When my phone goes off in class.”

David Nelson, freshman: “Fourth grade 30 second fart.”

Brady Brick, freshman: “When I threw up in church.”

Steven Lovell, junior: “ When Emily Martin almost rejected me freshman year for Fall Fest.”

Will Motquin, junior: “When I bent over to pick up a water bottle and my shorts split right down the middle.”

Jon Lemens, junior:  “When I was in the bathroom and the automatic light went out and I ran into the wall and had to get six stitches above my eye.”

Clayton Lisowki, junior: “When I got cut from the golf team.”

Quinn Snyder, junior: “When I threw a ketchup container away and accidentally spilled all over Nate Ihlenfeldt.”

Thomas Shade, junior: “When I got cut from the soccer team.”

Jacob Hardy, junior: “Freshman year.”

Corinne Meglic, junior: “When I ripped my favorite corduroy pants freshman year.”