Robotics Club Focuses on Competition

Kevin Santiago , Staff Writer, Journalism

Notre Dame’s Robotics Club, in existence for seven years, offers students the chance to use their classwork skills in competition.

Mr. Blihen, a former robotics teacher at NDA, was an adviser for two years, and then Mr. Adam Dietzo came in to be the adviser.

Originally the club was only about six members, but now there are 52 members.

“To be in the club you must have a desire to work,” said Mr. Dietzo.

The Robotics Club team has been to two state-wide competitions, making the finals both times.

One of the club members, sophomore Noah Frigo, wants to to win and make it to nationals. Frigo is a two-year vexeran (Vex Veteran).  

What Noah likes about the club is that “it really teaches people to work as a group and to combine ideas to have the best outcome. It is a really good opportunity for people like me to have a hands-on class or after-school activity.”

Frigo’s role in the club is  to aid newcomers in making their own robot and to teach them how everything works.

“I am also in a lead group working our way to nationals,” said Frigo.