Destination Imagination All About Challenges, Creativity

Lily Stebor, Staff Writer

Destination Imagination, a global club that stresses hands-on problem solving through creativity, patience and collaboration, is available locally to NDA students, thanks to advisers  Elizabeth Huntley and Frau Laaksonen.

According to its website, Destination Imagination primarily creates opportunities for students to boost their creativity.   

Huntley, in her first year advising DI, said, “We as a community need teamwork and skills which are important in the work world.”  

Huntley plans to make DI a “presence in NDA,”  by having successful teams united for the challenges this year, seeing the students come together, and showing everyone what they can do.

With multiple teams set up, each member of DI is assigned a team for his/her level of experience.

Madie Laaksonen, a freshman member of the NDA DI group, has been involved with Destination Imagination for five years. In previous years she has gone to state and once even taken first at globals.  

“It truly is like a family that will always look out for you, and the lessons you learn there allow you to make mistakes and grow,” Laaksonen said.

DI requires patience, time, determination, and coping skills. It is a club that will help one’s skills in everyday life, according to Huntley.

The advisers stressed that Destination Imagination is open to all students and is full of new challenges each time they meet.