Spanish Club Exposes Students to Hispanic Culture

Naira Martin Gil, Staff Writer

The Spanish Club has about 76 members (some of them not active) and they usually meet to go to Hispanic restaurants, have public dinners, watch movies, go to Mass and even take salsa lessons.

They will be having their first meeting in two weeks.

“Spanish society is here. The better we understand it the better it will be,” said Sra Amy Stover, the club adviser.

According to Stover, the goal of this popular club is to expose students to Hispanic culture (South American and also Spanish) in a way in which they cannot be exposed in the classroom.

Stover has been directing this club for over 10 years and what she enjoys the most about it is “interacting with students out of the classroom and sharing my passion for Hispanic culture.”

Knowing Spanish is not a requirement although students are encouraged to order in Spanish whenever they go out for dinner.

Ingrid Hirte, a senior who has been in the Spanish Club for the past three years, said, “I would recommend this club to all students even if they are not taking Spanish because it allows them to learn about another culture.”

Club members raise money the last week of October by selling lollipops commemorating “El día de los muertos” (the day of the dead). Last year they sold 430 and raised about $120.

“Kids just love them,” Stover said.

Hirte believes this is the year to join as “we’re planning some new activities like a Zumba class, and we’re finally going to get our shirts.”