Sting Cancer Supports Cancer Patients, Raises Awareness at NDA

Carly Noble, Staff Writer

Sting Cancer, Notre Dame Academy’s cancer awareness club, hosted the “Pink Out” football game last Friday night at Ted Fritsch Field.

Sting Cancer is a group that spreads awareness, organizes fundraisers and volunteers and supports families in the community who have been affected by cancer.

Ms. Holly Strong, the moderator of Sting Cancer, said, “The club supports good causes and it’s just a really fun group to be around.”

“Cancer has affected people I know, so I wanted to get involved,” she added.

Sting Cancer hosts the “Pink Out” football game and the St. Baldrick’s fundraiser in the spring, featuring student representatives who raise money and shave their heads for those affected by cancer.

This year the club’s goal is to reach out in the community and do more service work than in previous years, Strong said.

Senior leader, Veronica Letter became a part of  Sting Cancer in order to “make a difference because people close to me have been diagnosed with cancer.I also wanted to help other people too so they and their families know they aren’t alone. Spreading awareness, fundraisers and gift baskets really isn’t a lot compared to what people with cancer are going through, but it brings a level of comfort, knowing people care and want to support you.”

For those who are looking to get involved, this club meets on Tuesdays, every couple weeks or depending on the needs in order to plan the next event.

Being a part of this club has a great significance in some students’ lives.

“I’ve met so many great people that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I also have the privilege to serve others while being a part of something. Most importantly I’ve spread awareness and helped people battling cancer,” Letter said.