Game Club Draws Big Crowd at First Meeting of Year

Michael Trigueros, Staff Writer

The Game Club became reality when  some senior boys shared a proposal for the club with the administration, and the administration agreed.

“We had a lot of positive interest in the club at the NDA Club Fair,” club moderator Katie Stanczak said.

“Over 80 students expressed interest,” Stanczak said, and about 40 attended the first meeting on Oct. 6.

The first meeting featured multiple/board games like Monopoly, Life, Clue, Scrabble, Yahtzee and Parcheesi.  Attendees were a mixture of boys and girls.

Their next meeting will feature field/tailgating games like Frisbee, ladder golf, bean-bag toss and croquet.

The Game Club’s goal is to hold meetings throughout the school year to promote positive, school-appropriate gaming fun and “to provide students with an opportunity to meet new people, have fun, and learn some fun ways to share laughs, learning and have a little healthy competition,” according to Stanczak..

“The Game Club is hoping to meet a minimum of once a month,” the adviser said.

Their gaming sessions will be themed around card games, deck-building games, gaming applications, and eventually they will work towards console gaming..

The club has a Haiku page established to communicate meeting times and gaming idea.

Students can email Stanczak at [email protected] or talk to her when’s she’s free 8th hour or after school.