Stewart Denies He’s “Class Clown”

Madison Kaster, Staff Writer, Journalism

If the vote were taken for “Funniest Man at NDA,” no doubt the hands-down winner would be junior Danny Stewart.  

“Wasn’t he in more acts than anyone else at Mr. NDA?” asked faculty member Carolyn Brown.  “He never fails to surprise me with something new that makes me laugh.  I guess you could label him a ‘class clown.’”

“His quick reaction, his wit and his natural ability to be spontaneous makes him so funny. He is such a likeable person because he is funny and also because he is not mean. He is sincere which makes him likeable,” said Natasha Geyer, who has Stewart in French class.

She explained that although he is disruptive and difficult to have in class she loves having him as a student.

“One word to describe him would be adorable because he makes you smile even when he’s naughty or disruptive,”she said.

Junior Michael Schumacher has known Danny since the first grade and acknowledges “he has always been the class clown.”

“One word to describe Danny.Umm.. I guess there isn’t really one word; it’s a mixture of words. Danny does make my day when he makes me laugh. Definitely,” he said.

Schumacher thinks Danny is such a likeable person because of the jokes he throws.

“If you understand his inside jokes, you will think he is a likeable person,” he said.

Stewart’s personality is what makes him so fun, according to Schumacher.

Stewart, on the other hand, has a different perspective on himself. He does not think he is the class clown.

He said, “I think I am funny because I am not afraid to get yelled at by a teacher.”

He picked up this talent of his from his dad whom he says is funny. His inspiration would have to be Bill Zipp (Andrew Zipp’s dad) because he taught him how to be sarcastic.

Stewart said when he makes people laugh it brings a smile to his face.

“I will stop being the class clown eventually. Probably when I get out of school,” he said.