Powerball Prayer by Mr. Weiss Stuns School (in a good way)

Peter Weiss, Guest Contributor

Peter Weiss, NDA alum who is now a theology teacher here, gave the morning prayer Thursday.  It was a bit different and quite a bit powerful.  Think about YOUR Powerball prayer.

I went to play the lottery last night. I asked the clerk for a ticket and started to think about what numbers I would choose.

I chose the number 1 because every night, I have a warm , safe home where I can rest, while many have nowhere to rest their heads.

I chose the number 2 because I have two awesome parents who love me and continue  to raise me well, while many have no relationship with their parents.

I chose the number 5 because I have five healthy, mostly well-behaved children, four here and one on the way, while many couples pray and wait for one child.

I chose the number 11 for the 11 years I have been married to my beautiful wife who loves me despite my many flaws, while many people go through life lonely.

I chose the number 33 for the years on this Earth that God has given me, while many die so young.

I got to the last number and I decided to pick the number that represents the many other ways God has blessed me. But when I looked at the available numbers, I realized they didn’t go high enough.

So I handed the ticket back to the clerk. She looked at me funny and said, “Sir, you didn’t finish.”

I said, “I know. That’s because I already won!” and I walked out the door.

Today, take some time to think about your lucky numbers and thank God for every one of them.