New Marketing & Communication Manager Excited About Spreading Word about Notre Dame

Elizabeth Bolin, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

“Being able to talk about your faith makes this place very special. People can talk about anything here and it’s okay because the teachers and the staff have kids’ backs.”

With those words, the newest addition to the NDA staff, Kimberly Uelmen, shares her first impressions of the academy. “I think it’s very cool to be able to talk about faith and talk about students and academics in a way that we are all moving forward and telling that Notre Dame story.”

“Telling that Notre Dame story” is one of the primary duties of Uelmen as the Marketing and Communications Manager. “I take care of all the publications that are sent, so that includes the Communique, Alum-news, news and info.”

The job is very media oriented, and the Pulaski native is an expert at getting the word out.

“I facilitate media relations so anytime television or newspapers call for athletics or academics or anything, I’m the one who coordinates who talks on camera or maybe that’s me. It depends on the situation.  I also handle social media for Notre Dame and the alumni group which is called Tritons All Around the World, which is right now on Facebook and Twitter with the hopes to be on Instagram and Linkedin as well.”

Uelmen is no stranger to the Academy, but this is her first experience not being a rival against Notre Dame. She grew up in Pulaski and was previously employed in the Pulaski school district.  

“I grew up as a competitor,” she said.  “I grew up not liking Notre Dame too much because I was against you and wanted to beat you.”

This mindset has definitely changed for her, however. “Now that I’m here I can’t imagine not sending my own children here.”

Uelmen is not a mother at this point, but she sees children in her future. “[Notre Dame] is a second to none education with opportunities from music to athletics to everything in between. I think that this is a really great place for children and families.”

Uelmen did not expect to see herself involved in education, but she feels a strong connection to the work she is doing. “I can’t imagine anything different,” she explained.  “It just feels like you’re giving back and you’re working towards the greater good.”

Many people informed Uelmen about the position at NDA, predicting correctly that it would be a good fit for her. “There was a feeling I had during the interview process.  It brought me right in, and I knew this was the right thing to do.”

Outside of school Uelmen leads a diverse and exciting life. “I love to exercise. In the past I’ve coached volleyball and softball, and I try to exercise five or six times a week,” she said.

Along with athletics, Uelmen is a singer.  “I’m into music, I sing in two polka bands, called the New Generation and the Maroszek Brothers, and I sing for polka masses with them as well as weddings and other events.”

Uelmen is very excited to see what her future at NDA will bring and encourages everyone to get involved with telling the Notre Dame story.

“I’m looking forward to telling the story here at Notre Dame. There’s so much to tell and we have done so many great things, but I look forward to even furthering that more and promoting that not only to this region but beyond.”