Tritons Here, There and Everywhere: Rio Olympics, Vatican City


Carly Noble, Staff Writer, Advanced Journalism

President Shaw’s Facebook page says, “Tritons All Around the World,” and that truly is a fact.

Four Notre Dame Academy students traveled around the world this past summer, two traveled to Europe and two to South America.

Sister and brother, Molly and Will Schneider traveled to Rio de Janeiro, South America for the 2016 summer Olympics.

Everyone gets excited to watch the Olympics on TV, but imagine seeing the Olympics in person.

“Seeing the Olympics in person was very exhilarating. There was so much activity and energy from being in the fan section,” Molly Schneider said.

The Schneiders enjoyed traveling to the different stadiums and settings to watch Olympic soccer, ping pong, tennis and beach volleyball.

Watching the Olympics was their sole purpose and favorite part of the trip; however, they explored Rio a bit more.

Visiting Copacabana Beach and Christ the Redeemer and trying traditional Brazilian foods were just a few other things the family did while in South America.

As for Molly Schneider, she said she would definitely go back again.

“I was sad leaving, knowing that I would never be able to experience the Olympics in Rio again. It was also sad reflecting on the amazing trip, but I would love to travel to Rio again someday.”  

Meanwhile, Greta Bosco and Maria Keenan were traveling around Europe on a pilgrimage centered around World Youth Day.

World Youth Day is for Catholic youth from all over the world to meet the Pope.


Bosco said, “The purpose of the trip was to learn more about yourself and strengthen your relationship with God.”

During the span of one month, the two girls visited Poland, Germany, The Czech Republic and Italy.

In their little free time, Bosco and Keenan would find gelato, go to cafes, bond with their travel group and do lots of shopping.

“My favorite part of the trip by far was just seeing the Pope in person. The first time I saw him, I was absolutely starstruck,” Keenan said.

As for Bosco, her favorite part of the trip was the mass they attended with Pope Francis.

“His homily was translated to me by one of the priests on the trip and I have never heard more powerful words than what Pope Francis had said at mass,” she explained.

The girls learned many lessons throughout the pilgrimage, but took away from it,  that truly getting to know yourself is hard to do and it helps to be put out of your element.

“It is so easy to be small-minded and forget that there is more in the world than just the life you live,” said Bosco.